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Release Notes: June 2024

The June 2024 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on June 11th and deployed to Production environments on June 20th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.

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New Features

Manage Secrets | Admin

As part of ongoing work to introduce new features for analytics and database management a new option is available under the setup menu. This feature will allow you to manage a secure access URL that you can generate to allow Alinity access to securely save files to an Azure storage account that you own. These URLs are only allowed to be created for a limited time period in Azure, we generally recommend 6-12 months, so you will be able to generate a new one and update it directly in Alinity before the old one expires and causes the related functionality to be unavailable. For additional security this URL is stored in a managed key vault outside of the Alinity database and the value is not viewable through the Alinity interface to prevent potential leakage of the storage credentials.

Cloud Export | Analyzer Module

As part of Phase 1 for implementation of the Analyzer Module, we’ve introduced a feature called “Cloud Export”. Cloud Export supports exporting all or changed only records from a data source to a specific regulator owned Microsoft Azure Storage Account. This would allow the regulator to transfer the data into their own environment. From there they can analyze the data using tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Excel etc. 

Feature Improvements 

General Member Profile Data Source | Exports

This month we pushed an update to the General Member Data source which will increase the performance in terms of speed for anyone using that source with their exports.

Corporate Register Applicant | Corporations

Updated the labels for the applicant toggle to be consistent across screens

Apply Payment GL Posting Date | Accounting

In the previous release, details were added to apply payment to show the GL posting date. In this release an additional description of the reason behind the change has been added.

By status query | Competence

The “By status query” on the competence search screen has been updated to match the new standard found across most forms in Alinity, which allows more general status searches.

Admin review required widget | Admin

Admin review required widget has been updated to display the form name allowing administrators to better identify the forms requiring review at a glance.

Adjustments on invoice templates | Admin

Invoice templates now support adjustments similar to invoices. Administrators can now override the price and set the reason for adjustment. This allows administrators to quickly create commonly adjusted invoices.

Form validation pop-up message | Registrant/Member

We updated the message when a form has not met all validation rules on submission (such as missing a mandatory field) from “The form has one or more errors that must be corrected first” to “The form has one or more corrections required before it can be submitted”.

Bug Fixes

Reinstatements | Admin

When making a reinstatement through the administrator interface there are a small number of configurations where it could appear as though the register list contains duplicates. This is due to all the sections in a register being set to not show the label on the license. This was done since the sections affect the steps required to reinstate but not ultimately the license that is granted. The reinstatement action now always shows both labels in the administrator drop down when choosing which section to use.

Admin review required | Admin

Admin review required widget display was encountering issues for members with long names, which caused the display to sometimes be cutoff by the widget box. The display now limits the number of characters and provides full information within the info button.

Incorrect practice hours requirement | Admin

The practice hours requirement was not displaying the correct requirement for each register on the person details display. This has been corrected and will now properly calculate depending on the registration.

Next release

The July 2024 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites July 18th.