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Release Notes: July 2024

The July 2024 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on July 9th and was deployed to Production environments on July 18th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.

Product Release Webinar 

New Features

Hide Person Details Complaint Tab | Admin

A new configuration option called “Show Person Details Complaint Tab to Base Admins” can now be toggled off to hide the complaint tab on members from showing to base admins. While this tab only grants them access to view the opened date, complaint number, staff lead, and latest status (new/closed), this config option removes even that visibility.

Prevent admin portal link inclusion in emails | Admin

If a URL is detected in the email being sent that starts with your domain followed by “/Admin,” the system will pop up an error so that the URL can be corrected. This prevents an admin from accidentally sending a link to the Admin version of the login portal to members, or admin versions of resources in general. For internal communications to other admins please use the Announcements functionality.

Multiple file upload – person documents | Admin

Most features using person documents now support selecting multiple files to upload at once; for example person, complaint and registration change in the admin portal. The title of the document will use the file name and there are three options for handling duplicates: skip, overwrite and keep both.

Feature Improvements 

Complaint timeline events | Conduct & Discipline

For the timeline on complaints each event will now display the event type on a new line in subscript italics.

Batch completion of complaint events | Conduct & Discipline

When viewing the timeline of a complaint you can now select open events and complete them in a single action. Press the complete toggle button on the right hand side of the header just before the duration and then select the events to complete. Note that only events that can be completed will show up in this mode.

Mandatory custom fields | Admin

Custom fields now support being set as mandatory on the majority of screens. This will allow features like consultation to support the mandatory collection of client specific data when creating or modifying the record. This is the first release of this feature and only supports setting an entire dimension set as mandatory which will make any dimension in the set mandatory.

Org by location query | Admin

We have added a new field to the “By location” query found under Organizations which now also includes the country as query parameter.

Tags for Person and Organization forms | Admin

Forms that were configured using the new form architecture, specifically those that would appear in Other forms for Organizations or People, now support assigning tags. These tags can be used to further classify your forms with information that wouldn’t normally be recorded by members or admins and records can also be located by searching by tag.

Bug Fixes

Expired employment records | Admin

We resolved an issue where modifying an old expired employment record that had supervision on it no longer creates another supervisor record for the expired employment.

Partial payment proration on adjusted invoices | Accounting

This month we resolved an issue relating to the proration on adjusted invoices. If an invoice had multiple line items, and a partial payment was made, the system would prorate how the payment was applied to each item. The challenge was if the invoice was adjusted after this first payment was applied. It wasn’t redoing the proration. This has now been resolved.

Approved not paid error | Admin

We resolved an issue where modifying an invoice tied to a registration change by removing all the line items on that invoice could cause the system to generate a registration even though it wasn’t paid.

Ordering complaint status types by “Final” column | Complaints

Previously, when viewing the complaint status list, you weren’t able to change the order of the “Final” column. This has now been resolved.

Consultations closed and held dates | Consultations

The closed and held dates on consultations could previously be set to any date regardless of when the open date was set to. There are now checks in place to prevent this from occurring.

Next release

The August 2024 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites August 15th.