Release Notes: May 2024

The May 2024 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on May 7th and was deployed to Production environments on May 16th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.

Product Release Webinar 

Feature Improvements 

Member complaint history | Conduct & Discipline

“Member Complaint History” report now allows for better searching of member names in the autocomplete (as it now looks through the whole string and just not the beginning).

Consultation event validations | Consultations

There are new consultation event validations where we now check seating capacity to make sure it does not go over and the dates entered to make sure they make sense/are valid 

Usage notes on email templates | Emails

When selecting a template to use for a new email, any template with usage notes specified will have an icon before the label and show the notes when you hover over it in the list when using a desktop browser. Additionally, for all browsers when a template is selected the usage notes are displayed below the list if available.

Person Doc Folder Consistency | Admin

We have improved document folder grouping and labelling for better consistency and differentiation. Documents uploaded as part of a Profile Update will now explicitly state that and be grouped by the year they were uploaded for instance.

Consultation tab on Person/Org Details | Person & Org

There is now a dedicated tab on the Person/Org details screen to access consultations attached to the Person/Org. This screen will display basic information and allow quick navigation from the Person/Org details to the consultations.

Support for Multiple Languages on HTML Components | General

Support has been added to various HTML components in the system allowing for fully translated pages on components that were not supported before. Language translations are now supported on the Online Complaint Form and Elections Portal.

New query for custom fields with no value | Admin

A new query called “By custom field (no value)” has been added to the People search page which will allow you to find records where no value has been filled in for a given type of custom field.

Bug Fixes 

Saving consultations with custom fields | Admin

When saving a consultation there could be rare cases where custom business rules on custom fields for the consultation could create an error and cause the consultation to be unable to load. The order for saving the various items that make up a consultation has been changed to prevent this issue from happening. Consultations will also load now even if the documents for the text are missing so that the problem consultation can be removed without helpdesk support.

Corporation registrant change setup search | Admin

The search on this was case sensitive meaning that unless the case of the record was matched exactly it wouldn’t be found. This has been changed so that case does not matter when searching here.

Death Date for multi-designation regulators | Admin

The action to set a death date was previously blocked for regulators with more than one designation. The functionality is now available and the secondary registration will now move to the default non-practicing register for that designation.

Missing backup popup in Test systems | Admin

We moved to a new standard in Test of taking a full backup once a week along with a differential backup every day of what has changed. The backup warning popup has been updated to account for those differential backups as well now.

Next release

The June 2024 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites June 20th.