Release Notes: March 2024

The March 2024 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on March 12th and was deployed to Production environments on March 21st. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.

New Features

Bulk add expiry date to group members | Groups

Administrators are now able expire group membership in bulk. This can be done on the “Add to group” action on the People search screen or the “Update” action from the person group details.

Feature Improvements 

Client-specific deployment script validation | Admin

A new validation script has been added to our deployment scripts to ensure that all client-specific scripts that have been added to our source control are referenced in your automatic deployment script. This will help cut down on cases where a new customization is added to your system but is not automatically deployed in the next monthly release if the admin missed adding it to the deployment script.

Enhanced handling of member timeouts during Elavon Lightbox payment | Member

An update has been made to the new Elavon payment implementation to further reduce the likelihood that a member will encounter an error after having successfully paid through Elavon. When a member times out in Alinity in another tab or window other than the one they are paying in their token is expired and removed; this results in them being denied access to complete the payment in Alinity. An additional action has been added to securely commit the results of the Elavon payment transaction if the token has been removed due to a timeout.

Consultation documents | Consultations

In consultations you can now upload one or more documents to the record so you can keep related files alongside the record itself.

Consultation “other notes” performance | Consultations

Performance for the other notes list on a consultation has been improved for systems with large numbers of user records.

Admin Review Required Widget | Admin Dashboard

The Admin Review Required widget now has a filter for Org Forms. This would include for example, and Org Profile Update.

Bug Fixes 

“By Documentation” Query Timeout | Admin

The method used to filter out invalid documents has been improved and significantly improved the underlying speed of the overall query. Even for larger databases this query should no longer time out

Secured setup buttons show blank area instead of hiding | Admin

On the setup list if your admin account did not have full permissions the secured setup options would leave a blank area in the list instead of being hidden entirely, this is corrected.

Invoice screen not loading due to browser error | Accounting

Certain member names contained characters that caused issues with the lookup list for members on the invoice screen, those characters are now handled correctly so these invoices will no longer fail to load.

Storage Summary Report | Utilities

The Storage Summary Report on the subscription screen is now much faster and will no longer time out.

Next release

The April 2024 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites April 18th.