Release Notes: February 2024

The February 2024 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on February 6th was deployed to Production environments on February 15th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.

Product Release Webinar 

Feature Improvements 

“By Status” Query | Complaints

This new query looks at the current complaint status, but can be toggled to check historical statuses within a date range as well.

“By Outcome” Query | Complaints

This revamped query now searches non-closed complaints as well. The date range searches by the effective date on the outcome rather than by the latest status date on the complaint.

Back dated option for registration change and renewal | Registration

On a registration change, when editing a registration change’s effective date and for renewals you can now choose to back date the creation of the license. By default, when a license is approved late, for instance due to the payment being late, it will become effective when it is approved instead of at the beginning of the registration year. Turning the back dating option on for a member’s change or renewal will back date the license effective date to the beginning of the year once final approval is completed.

Late fee icon for invoice items | Accounting

Invoice items that are late fees will now show an icon to administrators to make them stand out, additionally the tax checkboxes will be disabled.

Archive eligibility date for email messages | Correspondence

Email messages can now have an “Archive eligibility date” set on them before sending through the email wizard, or after sending by using a grid action on the email search screen. The email search screen has a new query that will find all emails whose eligibility date has already passed so they can be easily located and archived/trimmed.

Retention months for email templates | Correspondence

Email templates now support setting the “Retention months”. This value will default the “Archive eligibility date” when creating a new email to the current date plus the number of months specified.

GL Code Update if Registration Effective Time Changes | Accounting

When a form is approved, a change effective date button will still appear for admins to select and modify the effective time as needed. Now, that will also update the GL code as well if the effective date is changing to or from the current year. This impacts whether revenue is recorded as deferred or not.

Register Change requirements | Permissions

We made an update to the Settings Administrator Permission. Users with this permission can now add requirements to register change mappings. Previously, only system administrators could take this action.

Creating Tasks | Consultations

You will now have the ability to add tasks to consultation records.

Bug Fixes

GL Account Detail Report | Accounting

We resolved an error where the sum of the GL account for a single day was incorrect due to invoices having multiple items with different GL accounts attached to them.

Announcements “Visible to” setting | Admin

Editing an announcement with a “Visible to” setting different than “Everyone” and attempting to add “Everyone” back into the list would cause an error and has been corrected.

Exam Import Details | Competence

Imported exam records that were processed incorrectly allowed the fields to be modified and caused an error if trying to save the changes. The fields are now correctly read-only for processed records.

Unable to remove initial employment override | Registration

When overriding the initial employment for a member you would be unable to remove the override later, this has been updated.

Pre-populated fields for Elavon payments larger than supported | Registration

When the values to make a payment in Elavon, such as address, were auto-populated from a member record they could end up larger than Elavon allows and cause an error. These values are now trimmed if they are too large.

Certain values on consultation lost when a validation error occurs | Consultation

The values entered for dynamic fields and contact type for consultations were not preserved if a save encountered a validation error. Now when a validation error occurs these values will not be blanked out.

Supervisor Information Added via Profile Update | Profile Update

Previously, if a college only allowed 1 supervisor and a member completed a profile update adding information about a new supervisor, the previous supervisor was not expiring. This has now been updated to expire the previous supervisor if the college only allows for 1.

Registration schedule popup does not show PAP withdrawal | Accounting

Previously when clicking on the info icon “i” in the registration schedules page, it was displaying the PAP Withdrawals Start as “undefined.” This has now been corrected.

Leaving and returning to the same employer | Registration

When a member indicates that they ended their employment with an employer and later that same year started working for that employer once more, the system was not necessarily updating the employment record properly. Now, in situations where a member leaves and returns to an employer in the same year the system will update accordingly.

Next release

The March 2024 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites March 21st.