Release Notes: October 2023

The October 2023 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on October 12th and deployed to Production environments on October 19th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.

Product Release Webinar 

Feature Improvements 

Person invoice summary | Accounting

The invoice summary on the person details tab has been updated to include additional content to differentiate between refunded and cancelled invoices as well as a summary of line items.

Email performance enhancement – PDF generation | Correspondence

The generation of PDF files especially for email messages with a large number of recipients can be very resource intensive and might cause issues with the speed of sending emails or other parts of your system. The email system will now avoid generating PDFs for any email with more than 100 recipients during business hours (8AM to 5PM) in your time zone. The emails will continue to send and the PDFs will start to be generated outside of those business hours.

Access exceptions outside the admin portal | Member

Some members would keep multiple tabs open for the same form or bookmark specific areas of the system potentially causing access exceptions where the record was updated after the client had loaded or bookmarked it. These will now be presented as warnings with instructions to return to the dashboard and try again.

Complaint details pdf export | Complaints

When you are viewing a complaint, you have the option to export the complaint details into an Excel, pdf or Word doc. Previously the pdf was displaying in portrait mode and would cause the table to split into multiple pages. Now, the pdf exports in landscape format to fit on one page.

Bug Fixes

Fee schedule year list contains duplicate entries | Admin

In systems with multiple designations, the list of years for the fee schedule contained duplicate entries, this has been resolved.

Disk space low error after extra space purchase | Admin

Some systems would continue to display a low disk space error after additional space was purchased. This was due to the difference in the file growth rate and the total allotment being different in some cases and has been fixed.

Custom date field editing | Admin

When updating a custom field that was set as a date type, Alinity would change the type to single choice, this no longer happens.

Journal entry reports “exclude prefix” | Accounting

There is an option available to exclude a prefix when generating a journal entry report. Previously this was leading to an error message, but this has now been resolved to function properly.

GL account detail display | Accounting

There was previously an extra “Transaction ID” column displaying which has now been removed.

GL transaction report | Accounting

When generating a GL transaction report, the system was previously pulling the top invoice item name by default. This meant there would have been the correct price showing but possibly the wrong name if the invoice had more than one item. This has been updated to now pull the correct item name.

Audit filing deadline date extensions | Audits

Previously, when an admin would provide an extension to a corporate audit deadline, the system wasn’t updating the date for the review form. This has been corrected and now properly updates when the audit deadline is extended.

Next release

The November 2023 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites November 16th.