Release Notes: November 2023

The November 2023 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on November 9th and was deployed to Production environments on November 16th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.

Product Release Webinar 

New Features

Organizations as contacts | Admin

A new feature has been added to org contacts to allow another organization, or multiple orgs, to be owners of a child organization. When adding a contact to an organization from the organization details feature you can now choose to change the type of contact to “Organization” and select the owner including setting the ownership percentage as required. Note that you will also need to select a person as the primary for the organization being used in the new contact record.

Person/Org form status triggers | Admin

A new feature has been added to person/org forms allowing invoices and emails to be generated on status changes. When editing a person/org form in setup, you will now have the opportunity to attach form status triggers. On the triggers you will be able to specify the status the form is changing to and what actions the system should take. Current actions are to generate an email from a template or an invoice from a template. Additional features to generate tasks for administrators will be added in a future release.

Invoice templates | Admin

A new invoice template system has been added. You will find this under the accounting menu. The new invoice template system is used to support the Person/Org form status triggers. Invoice templates created here will be available for selection on the form status trigger screens. Currently, the old invoice template system is still used for creating invoices from the invoice screen. We will be migrating the old template system to the new system in a future release.

Feature Improvements 

Phone number tooltips | Admin

An explanatory tooltip has been fleshed out for phone numbers. This tooltip covers both how to add extension numbers and how to record international numbers. Some configuration is required but this can be brought into your forms as well.

ToolTip Example

Renewal and registration change confirmation | Member

Currently when a member chooses to renew to a register that is different from their current register they are provided with a confirmation screen asking them if the want to proceed. Alinity now also provides this same confirmation when the member is requesting a change in registers through the registration change feature.

Change password and member sign-up | General

Additional text has been added to both change password and the new member signup confirmation to provide the password rules to members up front.

Warning for mismatch between Elavon configuration and Alinity | Admin

If the system detects that you are in a test system but using a production Elavon payment processor configuration, or vice versa, the user interface will now present a warning at the top of the payment form indicating this issue.

Assessment label in person details | Admin

The list of exams and assessments on the person details screen has been updated to show the year label for the associated learning plan below the name of the assessment when it is available.

Bug Fixes

Org merge timeouts | Admin

Previously, when merging organizations, if one or both of them is very detailed the operation may time out. Alinity has been updated to run the merge process as a job now. This allows you to continue working in Alinity while the merge happens in the background and ensures that the merge operation will complete even if it takes longer than average. The results of the merge can be monitored by looking at the merge job’s details.

Payment field labels on mobile | Accounting

Previously, it was possible that a payment field label was being cut off from view when using a mobile phone. We have since resolved this to display properly on mobile.

Go to change form button erroring | Accounting

Previously, when using the go to change form button on invoices for forms related to corporations caused an error. This has been corrected and the button will now properly bring you to the connected form.

Duplicate key error on mass email | Emails

Previously, when the same member is selected multiple times on a search screen and the mass email action is taken, an error occurs (example a member has multiple open invoices and is selected twice on the invoice search screen for email sending). The system now automatically removes the duplicated selection.

Next release

The December 2023 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites December 21st.