Release Notes: June 2023

The June 2023 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on June 8th and was deployed to Production environments on June 15th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.


Microsoft Azure – Almost There!

We are pleased to announce that the monthly upgrade system for Azure have been successfully automated. As part of this update, we will be introducing additional test sites and conducting a parallel upgrade on the existing test systems. This will allow us to thoroughly compare Lumen and Azure and ensure the new system is functioning effectively. Assuming a successful outcome, we plan to transition all test systems to Azure in the coming weeks. Next, our focus will shift towards establishing the production environments.

As always, we will continue to upgrade Alinity with bug fixes and new features each month while the transition is moving forward.

Release Webinar

New Features 

Search page icon for members with active specializations | Admin

This new feature enhances the visibility of members with more than one active specialization on their account. Administrators can now easily identify these members by a special icon displayed on the Person and Registration search pages.

New query for unsent & unscheduled emails | Email

This new feature allows you to retrieve email messages that are either in the draft phase or have been slated for future delivery. This functionality enables users to tidy up outdated drafts, collaborate on drafts initiated by team members, or cancel scheduled emails.

Feature Improvements 

Suppress 2FA for first login | Applications

This product feature ensures a seamless login experience for new applicants. When they set their password for the first time, the system automatically saves their validated browser details. As a result, when the member logs in for the first time, they will not be prompted to provide a two-factor authentication code.

Report timestamps now in your time zone | Admin

The built-in reports typically have a timestamp in the bottom-left that notes when the report was generated. This timestamp came from the server which meant it was always in Mountain Time. The timestamps have now been updated to be based on your organization’s time zone setting.

Bug Fixes

Sorting credential setup | Admin

In the Setup page for Credential options, the list of entries can now be sorted by whether the entry is a specialization-type credential or not.

Expired member practice hours | Admin

Any member whose current registration was expired will now show the practice hour totals in the admin UI instead of being hidden.

Multi-designation registration history | Admin

The member’s registration history has been enhanced to accurately display multiple concurrent registrations. It now effectively indicates whether any of the registrations have expired and shows current registrations by highlighting them in bold. This allows for the “+” button right side, enabling administrators to make manual registration changes if needed.

Allegation drop-down inconsistency | Admin

Previously, when editing or adding allegations to a complaint, administrators experienced inconsistency in the display of the drop-down selections. The allegations were shown differently depending on which stage of the complaint process they were in. However, this issue has now been addressed by displaying consistent categories for the allegations.

Multiple audit review forms cannot be manually triggered | Admin

Previously, when a form had multiple review forms set up, Administrators faced difficulties in manually adding reviewers. They were unable to choose the specific review form to send, resulting in the system automatically selecting the first available form, which might not have been the correct one. However, Administrators now have the ability to manually select a review form when adding reviewers.

Next release

The July 2023 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites July 20th