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Release Notes: May 2023

The May 2023 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on May 11th and  deployed to Production environments on May 18th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.


Alinity is Moving to Microsoft Azure – Almost There!

As mentioned earlier, we are putting in significant efforts towards transitioning to Azure. We are thrilled to announce that we have established the network architecture, implemented the front-end gateway to enhance reliability and security, and initiated the configuration of automated deployments to upgrade our test and production sites. Currently, multiple test systems have been deployed and are undergoing thorough internal testing this month. We will continue to roll out test sites over the months of May-June.

As always, we will continue to upgrade Alinity with bug fixes and new features each month while the transition is moving forward.

Release Webinar 

New Features 

Toggle for Auto-Adding Member CE Forms | Competence

A new toggle called “Create next year’s CCP on registration” will make the system automatically add the member’s next learning plan to their profile when a registration is created for them (through an application, renewal, reinstatement, or registration change). The system will check the register the member is going into to see if the CE functionality is enabled. This allows members to get into the CE quicker and provides admins with more accurate statistics on the Competence search page.

Person Form Status Triggers | Admin

Actions such as creating tasks, invoices, sending emails, and adding people to groups can now be automated to occur when person forms change statuses (such as transitioning from ‘New’ to ‘Withdrawn’). The feature is still being implemented in the UI, but in the interim these form status triggers can be requested to be added in the back-end.

Feature Improvements 

GL Transaction Update Batch | Accounting

The batch process for updating GL transaction account codes has been enhanced to include the ability to update unpaid invoices. In the Alinity system, GL accounts are stored on invoices at the time of creation, enabling historical tracking. However, if an account is mistakenly entered, the invoices retain the incorrect account information. With this update, administrators now have the option to efficiently correct erroneous GL accounts on invoices in batches.

Person Merge Search | Admin

The person merge search previously displayed the common name instead of the first name, causing inconsistency with the person and registration search screens. To ensure uniformity, the display for person names on the merge person feature has been updated to match the format used in the search screens.

Conduct Contact Validation | Admin

A new validation rule for the contact list associated with a complaint will now detect and block the “investigated member” from being changed to a different role (such as lawyer or witness) in order to protect the referential integrity of the original complaint submission.

Bug Fixes

Elections With Long Text and Large Images | Elections

When an election uses larger pictures and longer lengths of text, if a member opens the “more info” section for a specific choice, they may find themselves already partially scrolled down when the information is revealed. Now, when the “more info” section is opened, it automatically scrolls to the top of the content. And when the section is closed, the choice for which the information was displayed will be scrolled back into view.

Adding Extra Disk Space for the First Time | Admin

In rare instances, the addition of extra disk space for the first time might have resulted in errors appearing on the dashboard and subscription page. However, this issue has been resolved, and you can rest assured that it will no longer happen.

Unable to Remove PAD for Non-Members | Admin

When adding PAD subscribers, an administrator was able to select from any person in the system regardless of membership. In the scenario where a non-member was added as a subscriber to PAD, an issue occurred on the removal. The ability to add non-members to the PAD subscription has been removed and the list will now filter to only people who have/had a registration.

Unable to Add Initial Applicant Registration for Multiple Designation Support | Admin

When multiple designations are enabled, applicants do not receive an initial applicant registration. Administrators are able to assign an initial applicant registration through the person detail registration tab. An issue occurred in some cases where the initial registrations were not displaying on the add registration screen. An update was deployed to ensure the applicant registration options are always available to administrators.

Next release

The June 2023 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites June 15th.