Release Notes: April 2023

The April 2023 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on April 13th and will deploy to Production environments on April 20th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.


Alinity is Moving to Microsoft Azure – Almost There!

If you have been following our monthly blog posts, you will have seen our announcements about migrating Alinity to a new hosting platform and we are getting close! We are excited about how well Microsoft Azure© is performing and the new features it will allow us to create in Alinity. The migration to Azure will begin on Test environments in the first half of Q2 of 2023 and then for production systems starting in the later part of Q2. We will continue to upgrade Alinity with bug fixes and new features each month while the transition is moving forward.

New Features 

Text Entry Custom Fields | Admin

Custom fields can now be configured to support single line text entry. In most cases, it is still recommended to use a dropdown list for data accuracy, but when required, text entry is now possible.

Feature Improvements 

Set Email Message Priority | Correspondence

The priority of the email message can now be set when creating the email or while the email is still in the process of being sent. This allows you to send bulk emails with a lower priority to avoid impacting important system messages such as password change requests.

Event Type Lists | Complaints

The volume of complaint event types may grow quite large in some configurations. As the list of event types grows, it becomes harder to search through and manage. To make searching easier, complaint event type lists are now displayed by category.

Event Type Longer Names | Complaints

Complaint event types now support a longer name allowing administrators to better capture event data.

Allowing for 0 Requirement Proration | Competence

Previously a business rule was in place preventing proration of learning requirements to 0. Now, it is possible in the final year of the cycle to prorate learning requirements to 0.

Bug Fixes

Email Messages Without PDFs | Member 

Emails that do not have a PDF available to show the member, due to having been cancelled or archived, will no longer appear in the member’s list to prevent the member from receiving an error when the PDF isn’t found.

Orphaned Notes | Admin 

When a record that has notes associated with it is deleted, such as a withdrawn application, the notes will no longer be orphaned. Instead those notes will fall back on being associated directly with the member so that they are still shown in the notes tab for that member.

Complaint Contact Redirect | Complaints

When a complaint contact record is added or edited the system previously redirected the user back to the complaint details tab. This has been corrected. Now, when adding/editing a complaint contact, the system will redirect back to the complaint contacts tab.

Organization Document Title Display | Organization

Organization document titles will now display beneath the document type in the organization documents tab in the same format that titles appear in the person documents tab.

Strikeout on Practice Register Section | Person

On the person screen previously when a registrant was expired it would only strike out the Practice Register and leave the Section not stricken. This is now resolved and both will strike out.

Custom Field’s Dimension Name Duplication | Admin 

With this release it is now possible to use the same name for your custom fields as long as the duplicate field names are added to different tables. For example, you can now use a custom field checkbox called “Complete” in multiple locations.

Incorrect “Create Time” Dates Appearing | Accounting

When previously looking at an invoice, the dates in the Create Time column being displayed under Payments was showing the date last modified. This has now been corrected.

Next release

The May 2023 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites May 18th.