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Release Notes: March 2023

The March 2023 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on March 9th and Production environments on March 16th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.

Alinity is Moving to Microsoft Azure – Almost There!

If you have been following our monthly blog posts, you will have seen our announcements about migrating Alinity to a new hosting platform. The new platform is Microsoft Azure© and we have been working with it in our development environment for all of 2022.  We are excited about how well it is performing and the new features it will allow us to create in Alinity.  We have decided to postpone our move to Azure until 2023 in order to allow renewal periods that are currently in progress, to be completed without interruption.  Migration to Azure will begin on Test environments in the first quarter of 2023 and then for production systems starting in the second quarter. We will continue to upgrade Alinity with bug fixes and new features each month while the transition is moving forward.

Change Type Applies To
***************New Feature***************
***************End of New Feature***************
***************Feature Update***************
Member Dashboard Speed Improvement Feature Update Member
The main interface that shows the member dashboard before loading individual widgets has been updated to improve the speed at which it loads. This will help reduce waiting time after the initial login and when being sent back to the dashboard after completing a form, exam or other task especially in configurations with a large amount of registration data.
Online Exam Culture Edit Feature Update Jurisprudence
The culture of an online exam configuration can now be recorded on the exam properties in the designer.
Culture and Designation on Signup Feature Update New User Signup
The first change is that a visitor to the member portal will now be able to change their culture in the top right without having to log in or sign up first if your system supports more than one culture. This selection will also be saved to their account on sign up if your system supports self-serve signups. Additionally if your configuration has more than one designation the member will be prompted to select which designation they are going to apply to first during the sign up process.
Allow setting note permissions New Feature Admin
All notes on member records will now show an optional permission dropdown, in order to hide the note from all admins that do not have the selected permission.
***************End of Feature Update***************
***************Bug Fix***************
French exams shown to non-French users Bug Fix Jurisprudence
Exams will now respect their culture setting and will be shown only to members with the same culture selected. French users will be shown the French variant of the exam if one has been configured, and English users will see the English variant.
***************End of Bug Fix***************

Next release

The April 2023 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites April 20th.