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Release Notes: July 2023

The July 2023 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on July 13th and was deployed to Production environments on July 20th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.


Microsoft Azure – In Testing!

We successfully transitioned all test systems onto the Azure platform by the middle of June and this release will mark the first fully automated deployment of upgrades to the new test environment. After the test release is complete we will begin to provision the production infrastructure in Azure and are happy to announce we will begin a phased transition of the production websites off of Lumen and onto Azure after this month’s production release.

As always, we will continue to upgrade Alinity with bug fixes and new features each month while the transition is moving forward.

Release Webinar

New Features 

Registered office address for corporations | General

Corporations may be registered under one address, but operate at another location. For example, a corporation may be registered to a registrant’s personal address, but has a main office location where they operate. A new feature is now available for corporations to record a registered office address in addition to their registered address.

Feature Improvements 

Practice hours by year label | Admin

The practice hours by year list on the person details employment tab has been updated to present the registration year label wherever possible to match the display of the year in the qualifying hours list above it.

Custom fields for conditions | General

The custom field feature has now been extended to work with condition records. These fields allow the collection of data specific to your installation that isn’t generally collected by Alinity. By default, custom fields are turned off to avoid introducing clutter on the interface. To turn this on please contact the help desk.

Condition descriptions | Admin

Condition names may not always fully reflect the nature of a condition, which may cause confusion when adding conditions to a registrants practice. When adding or editing a condition on a registrant, the description of the condition is now displayed for administrators allowing administrators to better identify the correct condition to add to a registrant’s profile.

Exams sorted by result date | Admin

The exams tab, when an admin is looking at a member’s record, has been refined to sort by the date the results were received rather than the date the exam itself was scheduled.

Bug Fixes

Audit change filing deadline | Admin

Changing the filing deadline on an audit while the form was not owned by administrators caused an access error. Administrators would need to unlock the form in order to update the filing deadline. After changing the deadline the administrator would then need to send the audit back to the registrant. This has been corrected and administrators will no longer need to unlock an audit form before changing the filing deadline.

Multiple designations renewal register change warning | Renewal

If your college allows multiple concurrent designations (ie. a member is both an LPN and RN), at renewal time there was a quirk where the system might think they’re changing the register they’re in when they are not. That is corrected so that the confirmation page accounts for this scenario.

Merged members not including tasks | Admin

When merging two members, if the duplicate member had any tasks they would end up orphaned previously after the member they were tied to was deleted. That is corrected so that the tasks are re-associated with the target member.

Election results report | Admin

The standard report to display, in PDF form, who won an election has been corrected to resolve an issue where it would not load.

Invoice template labels missing | Admin

Labels for invoice templates were appearing as blank in the dropdown when selecting a template, this issue is now resolved.

Organization qualifying credentials focus | Admin

When an org is a credential org, the Qualifying Credentials label on the Details page shows a number with the amount of members with credentials for this org which is a link to the Qualifying Credentials dropdown display. If the page was small or zoomed in, when clicking the button you wouldn’t see the action of the dropdown expanding, this has now been resolved, the qualifying credentials dropdown should be focused when not visible.

Next release

The August 2023 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites August 17th..