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Release Notes: February 2021

The February 2021 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on February 11th and Production environments on February 18th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.

Change List

Change Type Applies To
**New Feature**
GL Export New Feature Accounting
A new option is available in the accounting menu to allow the export of GL entries in a format that can be imported into third party accounting software. Currently the only export supported is the Sage V12 format but we are able to implement additional formats. If you have any requests please let the help desk know.
Elavon Integrated Payments New Feature General
For a while now Alinity has supported both Bambora and Moneris online payments using pay pages hosted by those vendors. Alinity will be offering a new integration option with Elavon that allows payments to be taken directly through the Alinity member portal. This integration allows the payment screen to match the style of the member portal closely which will increase member comfort and translations will be easier to handle. Additional features around refunds and reconciling with bank transactions will follow in the next release.
Email Message Statistics New Feature General
The email message detail page now has a new section that allows you to see stats on your mass mailings. Eg: Open rate, bounce rate.
Custom Fields On Learning Activities New Feature General
The learning activity record now supports custom fields to capture the information required by your organization that isn’t generally collected by other Alinity clients. This feature requires support from the help desk to implement.
Deferred Revenue Reports New Feature Accounting
A set of 3 new reports can now be found on the Payments management page for reviewing deferred revenue, which can be summarized by month or day, or viewed in detail. These reports will also allow you to filter the results to only invoices related to certain registration processes, such as renewals or applications. The data source used by these reports is also available for export if your configuration includes the Database Administration module.
Invoice Due and Receivable Summary Reports New Feature Accounting
The “Invoices Due” report shows all invoices that are outstanding in the system with groupings for how long the invoice has been outstanding. The “Receivable Summary” report shows the change in total invoices due over a selected month.
**End of New Feature**
**Feature Update**
Linked Task Redesign Feature Update Task
The user interface for linked tasks (eg: linked to member or renewal) has been updated.  Instead of showing the tasks on the top right of the screen, there is now a dedicated tab for tasks. A new feature to link and unlink tasks from other records has also been added.
Option To Use Region Of Primary Employer Feature Update General
By default, the region is determined based on the postal code for the member’s personal mailing address. There is now an option to set it based on the member’s primary employer address.
Withdrawn Forms Shown On Member Registration List Feature Update General
The registration list on member details has been updated to show withdrawn change forms. For example, if the member started renewal but the form is withdrawn and their registration is changed, their renewal form will show in the list as withdrawn. Note that withdrawn forms still do not appear on the main search page unless explicitly queried.
Duplicate Folders Combined Feature Update General
For notes, documents and emails any folders at the same level that have duplicate names will now have their content combined into a single folder to reduce the number of clicks required to find and view items. 
Mailing Preferences Feature Update General
The mailing preferences screen has been updated to better handle adding new preferences which are automatically applied to all members. This process will now run in the background allowing it to handle large groups of members.
Deferred Revenue Accounting Feature Update Accounting
The system was updated to apply deferred revenue accounts on application and registration changes in a manner more consistent with renewals. If the resulting registration is paid in the current registration year, but will not take effect until the following year, deferred revenue codes (where defined in your configuration) now apply.
City Name Length Increased Feature Update General
The original limit of 35 characters has been increased to 45 characters. This will allow cities with longer names to be properly entered.
Group Member List Shows Role Feature Update General
The member list for groups has been updated to show whether the group member is an administrator or contributor.
**End of Feature Update**
**Bug Fix**
Intermittent Timeout Not Saving Member Forms Bug Fix General
There was an error on member forms that would sometimes prevent the member’s responses from being saved if they attempted to save after their login session had timed out. This was related to the use of autocomplete controls on the custom forms and has now been resolved.
Unique Deferred Revenue Codes Bug Fix Accounting
A missing business rule was added to GL Account requiring deferred revenue codes to be unique. This rule does not suggest your accounting practice is invalid if you do want to reduce the reporting detail you have available in the new year from what is available in the current year. The rule is required, however, for Alinity to accurately report the source transactions from which deferred revenue originates. If you do not wish to add new coding to your GL, consider adding an extension of “-1”, “-2”, to your existing values to comply with the new rule while keeping the original codes easy to recognize.
Competence Activities Summary Not Showing Cycle Years Bug Fix Self Assessments
Resolved an issue where the cycle years parameter drop-down was not showing the correct labeling and instead only showed the registration year, not the actual cycle.
Deferred Revenue Assignment Bug Fix Accounting
A bug was corrected affecting some application and registration change transactions. The system did not apply Deferred Revenue codes where available, if the effective date originally set on the license change was in the current year and later edited to start the license in the next registration year. This has now been corrected so that the deferred codes are applied based on the effective date on the record at the time of payment.
Approving Registration Change Bug Fix Registration
When you have a registration change review form configured and you try approving it a “Not found” error was thrown this is fixed now.
**End of Bug Fix**

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Next release

The March 2021 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites March 18th.