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Release Notes: January 2021

The January 2021 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on January 8th and Production environments on January 14th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.

Change List

Change Type Applies To
**New Feature**
Registration change reviews New Feature Registration
Registration changes can now be configured to support review forms provided to peers or employers.
Document support on tasks New Feature Task
Documents can now be added to a task as long as the task is tied to member (eg: tasks on member, complaint, renewal, etc.). If the task was added through the dashboard or is tied to something not member-related (eg: organizations or groups) documents cannot be attached.
Exam response analysis report New Feature Jurisprudence
Provides analysis of online exam member responses by offering. The report details how members responded to questions and provides insight into which questions are the simplest for members to answer and which questions are the most difficult.
Exam results report New Feature Jurisprudence
Provides a list of member exam results by offering. The report details when members completed their exam, the duration of the exam, and whether the member passed the exam.
**End of New Feature**
**Feature Update**
Allegation category Feature Update Complaints
If you are using categories on your allegations the category is now displayed in the complaint allegation list.
Add non-member with address Feature Update Admin
The create person feature now allows you to specify a non-member’s address during creation.
Public, member, and group links for documents Feature Update Admin
When documents for a member are marked as “Show to public” or “Show to member” or if you add a document to a group, the document list includes a new button to retrieve the link you can use when sending the member an email or referencing the document externally.
Skip member form on registration change Feature Update Registration
If you are creating registration changes through the administrator module you now have the option to skip creation of the member form if one is configured.
Edit complaint close date Feature Update Complaints
Previously the date of the final status for a complaint could only be edited within 72 hours of the complaint being closed. A new configuration option allows this to be modified or even turned off temporarily to support editing legacy conversion data.
External refunds on GL reports Feature Update Accounting
The GL Summary by Day and GL Summary by Month reports now have an option to include external refunds in the report results.
**End of Feature Update**
**Bug Fix**
Catalog item prorated price Bug Fix Accounting
Previously the info button showing the proration amount on a catalog item would show as $0 if a percentage is used. It now shows the percentage properly.
Timeout during export login error Bug Fix Admin
Previously if your session happened to time out just as you were about to run an export you could encounter an error when logging back in. This no longer occurs.
Organization type categories Bug Fix Admin
Bulk adding and renaming of categories for organization type categories is now available.
Ballot search returns duplicate results Bug Fix Elections
Searches for ballots by registrant number could return duplicate results. This has been corrected.
Error detail report excluding some errors Bug fix Admin
The report to show error details could exclude errors under certain circumstances. This has been fixed.
Unresolved password reset report – last login Bug Fix Admin
The last login time for the member is now displayed correctly in all cases.
Withdrawing approved (not paid) renewals Bug Fix Registration
Unpaid approved renewals can now be withdrawn in bulk by administrators so that they can then be moved to another register.
Unapplied amount – declined payments Bug Fix Accounting
Declined payments shown on the payment search no longer show an unapplied amount in the results.
Allow reinstatements to be completed from the previous year Bug Fix Registration
Previously reinstatements had to be completed within the same registration year they were started on. This has been updated so reinstatements can be completed if started in the previous year to allow members starting reinstatement late to continue with the same form in the new year.
**End of Bug Fix**

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Next release

The February 2021 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites February 18th.