Release Notes: December 2020

The December 2020 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on December 4th and to Production environments on December 10th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.

Change List

Change Type Applies To
Mark online exams on submit Feature update Jurisprudence
Online exams have a new option that will allow exams to be marked as a whole when the member submits the exam rather than marking their answers live. The answers the member makes will still be saved live so that they won’t lose work if they accidentally navigate away from or close the exam. This feature also works with the timed exam functionality added in the last release.
Reveal password Feature update General
The password fields in Alinity have been updated to support the option to reveal the value being typed in. This is accessible by clicking the “eye” icon on the right side of the input and will help some users to verify they are entering the correct value.
Show unapplied amount on payment search Feature update Accounting
The results provided when searching for payments have been enhanced to now include the amount of the payment that is unapplied to any invoice if that value is not 0. This will allow administrators to check at a glance what value is remaining to be used for bulk payments from employers and so on without having to navigate to the details for each payment.
HFO snapshot support Feature update DB Management
Alinity now supports creating a snapshot for reporting to Health Force Ontario (HFO). Snapshots can be generated, validated and exported all based on the HFO specification.
Refunding tax amounts Bug fix Accounting
A correction was made to the calculation of tax amounts on refunds recorded against invoices. To check for errors in your existing records query/filter for invoices which are over-paid. Previous refund amounts were too low.
Short-payment invoice adjustments Feature update Accounting
The invoice adjustment feature was refined to allow negative amounts. This makes it possible to accept short-payment on an invoice (e.g. -$0.50) without cancelling and re-issuing the invoice.
Deposit revenue summary Bug fix Accounting
This report was previously including tax amounts in its total for revenue. The tax amounts have now been separated.
Batch un-apply (PAD) New feature Accounting
A new button “Unapply All” on invoice details allows all payments against the invoice to be unapplied in a single step. This speeds up un-applying PAD payments made against renewal invoices when registration changes are required.
Search by payment ID Bug fix Accounting
When using the payment search you can now search by the payment ID.
Prevent cancelling verified CC transactions Bug fix Accounting
Administrators were allowed to accidentally cancel verified credit card transactions causing them to appear on the “Problem Payments” report. This is now prevented.
Query by employment details New feature General
From the person screen a new search parameter allows administrators to find members displayed on the public register.
Catalog item summary and detail reports New feature Accounting
Two new reports can be accessed from both the Catalog items and Invoices screens. The summary report provides an overview of catalog items that appear on invoices within a date range. The detail report presents additional info such as the member details for an invoice and allows a single catalog item to be reviewed.
Custom fields for complaints New feature Complaints
The complaint record now supports custom fields to capture information required by your organization that isn’t generally collected by Alinity clients. This feature will require the support of the help desk to implement.
Change two factor authentication thumbprint Feature update General
The thumbprint is a collection of information about your device used to help uniquely identify it and keep your account secure. This has been updated to remove the minor revision numbers for your web browsers as many of them were updating weekly causing certain configurations to require re-authentication too frequently. This change will require you to re-authenticate to update your record to the latest format but should lead to far less frequent prompts going forward.
Hide PAD sign up for non-members Bug fix Member portal
The PAD signup option is no longer visible to users of the member portal who are not registered members of the organization. This would include employers and reviewers who otherwise aren’t members for instance.

Next release

Due to the upcoming holiday season no major release of Alinity is scheduled for January 2021. We will however still perform a smaller release to deploy any bug fixes and feature updates that are critical. This release will happen around the middle of the month as usual. Have a happy and safe holiday!