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Release Notes: November 2020

The November 2020 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on November 13th and to Production environments November 19th.

Change List

Change Type Applies To
Record partial refunds Feature update Accounting
It is now possible to refund a portion of a payment. The remainder of the payment may be left unapplied, or you can apply the remainder to another invoice directly from the new refund dialog.
Record a refund based on an invoice adjustment New feature Accounting
A new refund option appears on invoices paid with a single payment. You can record refunds for a single line item – e.g. “Late fee” without un-applying the payment or withdrawing any related registration form. The invoice is adjusted and the resulting unapplied amount is recorded as a refund.
Corporate registration change requirements form Feature update Corporations
Corporate registration changes will now provide a form to the administrator to enter the details for the configured requirements. This works similarly to member registration changes.
Timed online exams New Feature Assessments
Online exams provided to members in Alinity can be configured to have a time limit. The member will be given a live counter to track their remaining time. If the time limit is exceeded the exam will submit and calculate the mark based on the parts of the exam the member was able to complete.
Confirmation page when renewing into different register New Feature General
Members are now prompted to confirm their choice when they click on a different register than their current registration during renewals. This advises them of that distinction to help ensure they know they are making the right choice before starting the renewal.
Complaint gavel icon Refinement Conduct
Two gavel icons are now supported on the search pages to help show members with complaints. A red icon is shown for members with a sustained complaint against them, while a purple icon is used to denote an ongoing complaint that has not yet been closed or dismissed.
Corporation audits New Feature Corporations
The ability to audit corporations is now available, similar to member audits the forms involved will require configuration by the help desk.
New reason group for register changes to “inactive” registers New Feature General
A new reason group “Register Changes To Inactive” has been added. Previously there was only one group with changes for both active and inactive registers. Alinity now detects the type of change you or the member is making and shows only the appropriate reasons.
Deleting payment processor responses New Feature General
The ability to delete responses from the payment processor is available now to correct conflicting payment statuses sent by the payment processor (Moneris, Bambora etc). A query for “Processor message mismatch” is available on the payment search page to help track these down.
Trimming whitespace on 2FA codes before validating Refinement General
For two factor authentication when the user enters the code from their email we now trim leading and trailing whitespace before validating. This minimizes calls to the college when spaces are accidentally copied from their email.
Skipping code regeneration when resending 2FA codes Refinement General
If a user’s email is slow it may take a while for the message with the code to arrive and they might choose to resend the code within the first few minutes. The old email arrives first in this scenario however the code in it is no longer valid and will not work. Two factor authentication will now skip changing the code if the user attempts to resend it within five minutes of the code being generated.
PAD sign up validation change for CIBC Refinement Member portal
The CIBC bank account format is 7 digits however many of its subsidiary banks have the same institution # (010) but don’t follow the same formatting rules otherwise. The 7 digit validation for CIBC accounts has been changed to a warning instead of an error to allow accounts from these subsidiaries to be used.
Hiding submit button on member forms New Feature General
In some configurations a college might chose to not validate a member form until the renewal season begins however the member is still given the option to submit the form for approval which will attempt to perform validation. Alinity now has the option to hide the submit button during the year which will avoid confusion and prevent the form from trying to validate. The member will still be able to save their responses for later.

Next release

The December 2020 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites December 10th.