Release Notes: October 2020

The October 2020 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on October 9th and Production environments on October 15th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.

Change List

Change Type Applies To
Voting for multiple seats Feature Update Elections
Elections now support a new type of ballot question that allows the member to vote for more than one of the choices. This allows elections where there are multiple seats to fill for the same list of candidates. Both a minimum and maximum number of selections can be specified to further tailor the behavior of the question.
PAD subscription cancellation reason Feature Update Accounting
PAD cancellation in both the member and admin portals now requires that a reason for cancellation be specified. This list of reasons can be customized by administrators. Additionally the “Reactivate” option for subscription has been replaced with the ability to create a new subscription with the values defaulted from an older cancelled subscription. This will maintain the history of PAD subscriptions for the member while still allowing the new subscription to be created easily if the data hasn’t changed.
Record custom fields on practice hours New Feature Employment
The ability to define a set of dimensions to record data on specific to your instance of Alinity has now also been added to practice hours. This feature is disabled by default to avoid adding clutter to your interface if you feel you would like to record additional data please contact the help desk for assistance enabling this feature.
Payment detail display update for Bambora Feature Update Accounting
A small update has been made to remove the message “no card number” from Bambora payments to reduce confusion. These payments do of course collect the card number but the card number isn’t provided for Alinity to display.
Invoice item price adjustments New Feature Accounting
Adjustments can now be made to invoice items tied a catalog item so that the catalog item price is preserved while still allowing adjustments to that price (eg: subtract $50 from the late fee). Storing the adjustment separately allows for reporting on adjustment to set prices.
Edit invoice security change Permissions Update Accounting
When base administrators go to edit an invoice they will no longer be able to add or delete invoice items, they can only adjust the invoice item prices and must provide a reason for doing so. Accounting administrators will be able to add or delete invoice items in addition to adjusting prices.
Record percentages as custom fields New Feature General
If you have enabled custom fields for either employment or practice records you can now configure a new type that records data as a series of percentages. For instance you may want to record an estimation of the percentage of a member’s reported hours between normal working hours and overtime. This field supports optional validation to ensure the total of the numbers adds up to 100.
Revenue by catalog item summary report New Feature Accounting
A new report has been added to accounting that will provide a list of all catalog items and the GL accounts associated with them alongside sums for the price paid, total tax and adjustments. The report supports searching within a date range and restricting to paid invoices only.
On Web Browsers and Compatibility

Recently Microsoft sent out a notice to all of its Office 365 subscribers stating that it would no longer be supporting Internet Explorer (IE) in significant portions of the service starting in November. The sunsetting of IE is not unexpected as it has been on their roadmap for several years now. Microsoft is recommending the use of modern browsers going forward and in particular Edge, Chrome or Firefox. IE has struggled for many years to provide the same level of performance as the mentioned browsers and soon it will likely lag behind in terms of critical security updates as well. Likewise it is increasingly unable to support many of the features that are required to deliver a modern, fast and feature-rich web application. Alinity is also facing increasing pressure to cease support for IE in the coming year due to the above concerns. For most administrators and members this will not be an issue as they are already using a modern desktop web browser or are kept up to date through automatic update on their phones and tablets. Other members may need your encouragement to upgrade and we ask that you consider that in your communications with members over the next few months.

Next Release

The November 2020 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites November 19th.