Release Notes: September 2020

The September 2020 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on September 11th and will be deployed to Production environments on September 17th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.

Verification of the shared features of Alinity on each upgrade is taken care of by our development team. These are features appearing primarily in the Administrator Portal area of the system. Our team does not, however, verify the custom configured components on your Member Portal since requirements for these are often unique and cannot be addressed within the monthly upgrade period. Therefore, we recommend that you review and verify all member and public-facing features on your system before each upgrade. Examples include:
  1. Public Directory
  2. Profile Update
  3. Employer Directory
  4. Renewal Form
  5. Reinstatement Form
  6. Application Form(s)
  7. Audit Form(s)
Generally upgrades will not impact these features but a quick verification is recommended to avoid any problems going undetected when the upgrade is applied to your Production environment. Your Test environment receives the upgrade a week early to allow you time to complete this verification. The verification process requires less than 2 hours to complete for most configurations. Please see our Verification Introduction article for further details and guides for testing.

Change List

Change Type Applies To
Tax rounding matches saved values when editing invoices Feature Update Accounting
When creating or editing an invoice the rounding method that was used to update the values live did not match the method used when the items were otherwise saved or displayed. Now the tax totals are rounded separately before being added together and the display while you’re editing will match the value stored.
Member forms for registration changes New Feature Registration
Forms can now be configured for and assigned to registration changes so that the member can be allowed to initiate certain changes from the member portal and fill out the required details before submitting to the administration team for review.
Display primary employer on person details summary tab Feature Update Employment
The summary tab (initial tab when entering person details) has been updated to show the primary employer for the member to make it easier to identify members with the same name. The primary employer is based on first the rank of the employer (might not apply to your college) and then the employer with the most practice hours.
Record additional dimensions on member employment New Feature Employment
A new, optional, feature for your system that will allow you to record data for custom dimensions not supported by the built-in forms on a member’s employment record. For example you might choose to record the ways in which a member delivers their services. This feature requires assistance from the help desk to enable.
Restrict taking online exams to specific practice registers and sections Feature Update Jurisprudence
Online exams can now be restricted to a selection of practice registers and register sections so that only members who have a matching, active, registration can take that exam. The existing rules around offerings, number of attempts, lag days, and so on will still apply for restricted exams.
Next on our Roadmap

The October 2020 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites October 15th.  The major updates planned for this release include refinements to the credit card process to reduce duplicate payments, a new streamlined design for processing refunds, the ability to attach documents to tasks, and improved integration of “Tasks” into the Conduct Module.