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Release Notes: August 2020

The August 2020 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on August 7th and will be deployed to Production environments on August 13th. Details about this release are coming shortly!

Verification of the shared features of Alinity on each upgrade is taken care of by our development team. These are features appearing primarily in the Administrator Portal area of the system. Our team does not, however, verify the custom configured components on your Member Portal since requirements for these are often unique and cannot be addressed within the monthly upgrade period. Therefore we recommend that you review and verify all member and public-facing features on your system before each upgrade. Examples include:

  1. Public Directory
  2. Profile Update
  3. Employer Directory
  4. Renewal Form
  5. Reinstatement Form
  6. Application Form(s)
  7. Audit Form(s)

Generally upgrades will not impact these features but a quick verification is recommended to avoid any problems going undetected when the upgrade is applied to your Production environment. Your Test environment receives the upgrade a week early to allow you time to complete this verification. The verification process generally requires less than 2 hours to complete for most configurations. Please see our Verification Introduction article for further details and guides for testing.

Change List

Change Type Applies To
Pre-authorized debit member sign up New Feature All Configurations
Member can now sign up for PAD and update their banking information through the member portal.
Pre-authorized payment renamed to pre-authorized debit Feature Update All Configurations
PAP (pre-authorized payment) has been updated to PAD (pre-authorized debit) across Alinity. Some message may still reference PAP those will be updated for the September release.
Batch update of PAD withdrawal amounts New Feature All Configurations
On the PAD subscription search page you can select multiple PAD subscriptions and change the withdrawal amount for all selected. This is useful when your fees change in the new year.

Exam certificate configuration

New Feature Jurisprudence
The optional certificate generated when a member passes can now be configured in the exam designer.
Correct/incorrect explanation New Feature Jurisprudence
The optional explanation displayed when a member finalizes a question is now split into optional explanations for both correct and incorrect questions.
Register and section restrictions New Feature Jurisprudence
In addition to being able to restrict exam sections to specializations you can now restrict them to practice registers and practice register sections.
Declarations on sections New Feature Jurisprudence
Sections now support an optional declaration that will require the member to agree to it before proceeding with the section’s questions.
Exam failure PDF New Feature Jurisprudence
You can now choose to have a PDF generated when a member fails an exam that will contain only content from the questions and sections they got incorrect so it can be used as a study guide without exposing all the exam content for download.
Clarified member exam list Feature Update Jurisprudence
The sorting, formating, labels and layout of the member’s exam list on the member portal has been improved for increased clarity. For instance a pending offline exam, with an exam date, will no longer say Pending and have a pencil icon it will now say Booked and have the standard arrow icon.
Turn off PDF generation on email New Feature Correspondence
When sending an email you now have the option to turn off the generation of individual PDFs for each email sent. You will still have access to the content of the template that was sent, who it was sent to, whether or not they opened it and so on. What will not generate is the individual PDFs which will allow you to save disk space when sending bulk emails such as newsletters. You may also configure email templates with this option to default it when sending an email or for use in triggers.
By processor response Query All Configurations
New query on the payment search page that allows you to find a payment based on the details from your payment processor (eg: transaction ID)
Auto complete field on queries load data faster Performance Improvement All Configurations
Auto complete fields that are used in queries as a parameter will now return results quicker
Fixed issue with completed tasks showing up in unassigned tab Bug Fix Task Module
On the My tasks dashboard widget, Completed and unassigned tasks used to show up under the unassigned tab.
Fixed email creation back navigation Bug Fix All Configurations
Navigating back from the create email screen will now return you back to the search page you came from