Release Notes: July 2020

The July 2020 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on July 10th and to Production environments on July 16th. If you would like more information about any feature or change in the release please contact us.


Change List




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Online Elections New Feature With this release the base functionality of the Election module is released. Elections can be created with a series of candidates or proposition questions that members vote on, with the winner being decided by majority. Election Module
By documentation query New Feature Enhanced the documentation query so that it can find all documents, rather than just expiring documents. All Configurations
Not renewed query New Feature Added a new parameter to (optionally) search from the FROM register section as well All Configurations
Name prefix and suffix merge fields New Feature Name prefix and suffix are now available as merge fields on all templates using the standard datasources All Configurations
Registration Administrator permission Updated Permissions The Reinstatement and Application permissions have been merged into a new Registration Administrator permission, which also now controls access to Registration Changes. These registration processes would allow an admin to move a user to a practicing register either for the first time, or after a hiatus in practice, which is why it is distinct from the Renewal permission and grouped into its own permission now. All Configurations
Export speed improvement Performance Improvement The selection of latest employment in bulk has been made faster, affecting several exports and queries in the system All Configurations
Fixed date formatting in the accounting reports Bug Fix All time stamps showing minutes have been updated to correct an issue where the month was being shown in that portion of the time stamp instead. All Configurations
Fixed expiry date scenario Bug Fix If a registration is created whose effective and expiry date fall on the same day, the system will now set the expiry date to the end of that day rather than the current time All Configurations
Fixed reasons on registration changes Bug Fix Corrected a scenario where registration reasons may not be saved All Configurations
Improved handling of invalid emails Bug Fix Emails that cannot be sent, for instance due to an invalid merge field, will now be marked as invalid and moved past rather than the system trying to resend it continually All Configurations
Fixed announcement not shown to admins Bug Fix Corrected a scenario where admins could see announcements in the announcement widget but not the top navigation icon All Configurations
Fixed audit schedule scenario Bug Fix  Corrected a scenario where an audit could still be potentially accessed after the audit period  All Configurations
Fixed merge scenario Bug Fix Corrected error merging records with complaint history where business rules were preventing the merge from completing. All Configurations
Fixed text-search on phrases Bug Fix Corrected error that was causing some document and email searches on phrases to not find the documents containing those phrases All Configurations

Next on our Roadmap

The August 2020 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites August 13th.




Online registration changes Supports user-initiated registration changes outside of renewal and reinstatement. Aug 2020 (Limited)
CC List on outbound email Feature to enable outbound email to members to be copied to other stakeholders Aug 2020
Exam certificate designer Updates to the exam designer feature to support design of certificate templates Aug 2020
Refund redesign A new refund screen to support full and partial refunds. Sep 2020