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Release Notes: June 2020

The June 2020 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on June 12th and to Production environments June 18th.

This month we are changing our Release Notes format to be more concise.  If you would like more information about any feature or change in the release please contact us.

Change List




Applies To

Hiding exam questions New Feature An option was added to provide control on whether exam questions are published with online exam results. Use to avoid inappropriate distribution of questions to others. Assessments Module subscribers
Exam certificates New Feature A certificate can now be created and provided to the member automatically upon successful completion of an online exam. Assessments Module subscribers
Enhanced logging for PD attacks Security Update Enhanced logging was implemented to better detect and assess attacks on Public Directory pages. All configurations with PD pages
Image loading improvements Performance Improvement Improves reliability and performance of imaging loading in member forms. All configurations
Avoid overwriting customized query names Bug Fix Client specific terms entered on query names are no longer being overwritten by the upgrade process All configurations
Back to main website New Feature A new link was added to the bottom of the menu on the Member Portal to make it easier for members to find their way back to the main (College/Association) website. All configurations
“My Tickets” New Feature A link was added under the Help (?) option to navigate to the ticket system page where all active tickets are displayed and ticket history can be reviewed.  (Alternative to managing tickets in your email inbox.) All configurations
Close File# New Feature Support for assigning a file number when a complaint case is closed was added. Conduct Module subscribers
Merge duplicates access Refinement The option to merge duplicate person records has been made available to both Application Administrators and Utilities Administrators.  Previously this was only available to SA’s.  If the record being merged (the one not retained) has had an active-practice registration, then only SA’s and Utilities Administrators are able to complete the merge. All configurations
Complaint timeline Performance Improvement Performance of the timeline on the main complaint case screen was improved. Conduct Module subscribers
File# on tasks New Feature Support was added for assignment of a file number value on tasks. The value can be used in searches to allow multiple tasks to be related to an external reference such a ministerial request or to relate tasks to complaints. All configurations
Reviewers on profile update New Feature Profile Updates can now be configured to support reviews and confirmations by colleagues and employers on claims the member makes in their update – for examples special skills. A separate reviewer form is supported with administrator workflows for managing reviews.  Updates to the administrator interface to support these forms is coming in the July release. All configurations using PU
Complaint tasks New Feature It is now possible to assign research and other admin tasks related to complaints.  The person assigned the task need not have access to the complaint or the Conduct Module. Conduct Module subscribers
Query updates New Feature Complaints: “By Outcome” returns complaints with closed outcomes of the given type between a date range
Person: “By employment details” now includes options for Contract Type and Funding Source
Registration: “Abandoned (application)” now includes users on the Applicants register who never started an application form
All configurations
Un-apply payment in locked period Bug Fix It is now possible to unable payments in locked accounting period.  GL state is preserved – unapplied payment is applied as reversing transactions in the current period. All configurations

Next on our Roadmap

The July 2020 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites July 16th.




Elections module The Elections Module supports nominations and voting processes online. July 2020
Online registration changes Supports user-initiated registration changes outside of renewal and reinstatement. July 2020 (Limited)
Profile update review – admin features Administrator management features for reviewer forms on profile update July 2020
CC List on outbound email Feature to enable outbound email to members to be copied to other stakeholders July-Aug 2020
Exam certificate designer Updates to the exam designer feature to support design of certificate templates July-Aug 2020
Refund redesign A new refund screen to support full and partial refunds. Jul-Aug 2020