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Latest Updates – Welcome to your dashboard!

This week’s updates:

  • Welcome to your dashboard!
  • Credit card processing improvements
  • Multiple reasons for requiring reviews
  • Performance and security updates

The latest version of Alinity is continually being improved, with new updates released regularly. Performance and security updates are included in virtually every release, alongside new features to help improve member experience, administrative efficiency and streamline workflows.

Welcome to your dashboard!

The new personalized dashboard is a common starting point for working in Alinity, showing key statistics, items needing follow-up, and announcements about feature updates. You can set the dashboard up to display the information most relevant to you just by adding any of a variety of preconfigured widgets. This way, you can get summary statistics on your renewal cycle, applications, or reinstatements and registration changes at a glance. You can even get information on unresponsive payments and a direct link to the payments themselves, where you can apply or cancel them as necessary. You can refresh each widget throughout the day to get real time information, and of course you can delete any widgets you’re not using and replace them with ones more suited to your daily tasks. New widgets are already in the pipeline, including one that will work with the upcoming Task Management module, displaying your main task list as well, and more are already on the drawing board!

Credit card processing improvements

Speaking of unresponsive payments, on occasion, members may accidentally close their browsers immediately after committing a transaction and before online payment processors can send a response. Technical problems from payment processors or bank servers can also result in missed or failed communication of a transaction result. As a result, sometimes payments are processed but the result is never communicated back to the member.

Fortunately, Alinity has always received a separate, asynchronous response from payment processors, meaning the transaction information is transmitted not only through the browser but also directly to the application. This way, even when the occasional technical malfunction occurs, payment information is still retained. The only downside has been that staff or administrators would then have to manually complete these transactions behind the scenes, often only when confused members call in to complain about missing transactions.

That is, until the latest update. Now Alinity will automatically handle situations like these, taking the separate stream of information provided by the payment processors and finding matching outstanding invoices, applying payments and ultimately generating registrations automatically. As soon as confused registrants log in again after their failed session, they will see all their payment information, invoices, and even new registrations without having to contact you, making for a better experience for registrants and less work for you.

Multiple reasons for requiring reviews

Finally, the latest update now allows for identifying multiple specific reasons for requiring review of renewals, applications, audits or any form type that’s been configured to potentially require review by staff. Now when the same form is blocked multiple times but for different reasons, rather than just informing staff there are “multiple reasons” for a block, Alinity will automatically differentiate between those reasons and display them both on the tooltip associated with the form, and directly on the top of the form as well.

What’s more, for multi-step renewals, block reasons will appear both on the final form and at each different stage of the renewal. So if, for example, a renewal was blocked because of a pending name change and additional education credential was added during the profile update stage, and the registrant responded to a declaration, each reason will display on its associated form as well as the final renewal.

As usual, we also made a few behind-the-scenes performance improvements, but otherwise, that’s everything from us for now. It’s a pretty big update this week, but keep an eye out as we’ve always got more on way, and we’ll chat again next week!