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Latest Updates – Continuing Education Reporting

This week’s updates:

  • Continuing education reporting
  • Optional employee/supervisor relationships as licensing conditions
  • Performance and security updates

The latest version of Alinity is continually being improved, with new updates released regularly. New features for both base and optional modules help improve member experience, administrative efficiency and streamline workflows.

Continuing education reporting

As part of their continuing education program, some regulatory authorities allow members who earn learning hours beyond their minimums to carry some of those hours over into the next licensing period. With the latest Alinity update, you can easily adjust all aspects of your learning requirements for registrants, including setting the minimum number of hours required from any particular activity, as well as the maximum number of hours allowed to be carried over. You can even adjust the starting year for requirements, allowing you to adjust to legislative or bylaw changes that may impact your continuing education program.

Employee/supervisor relationships as licensing conditions

In addition to carry-over hour controls, this week’s release includes a simple new interface for capturing employee/supervisor relationships. If your organization requires it, each register can be configured to allow registrants to identify their supervisor. You can even make it a mandatory requirement of licensing. Additionally, the new interface can be used to identify registers whose members are eligible for supervisory positions, and all without requiring additional customization of your system by Softworks staff.