Latest Updates – Renewal Statistics at a Click

This week’s updates:

  • Renewal statistics at a click
  • Performance and security updates

The latest version of Alinity is continually being improved, with new updates released regularly. New features for both base and optional modules help improve member experience, administrative efficiency and streamline workflows.

Renewal statistics at a click

While complete reports will always be needed for analysis and distribution to council or other stakeholders, sometimes staff and administrators want just a quick  an overview of important information. The latest update to Alinity includes the release of a new statistic summary feature that helps deliver and visualize data about your current renewal cycle at a glance. Get an overview of your entire membership, or select individual registers for a more granular view of only the information that’s important to you. Plus you can review just the raw numbers, or visualize your data into stacked bar graphs or pie charts to get the overview of your renewals most important at the moment.

Currently summary statistics are only available for the renewal form type, but additional form types will soon be included. Keep an eye out for additional summary statistics being deployed in upcoming updates.