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Manual Registration Changes

Registrations are the core of the Alinity solution.

As an Association Management Software designed specifically for regulatory authorities, most of the common registration changes such as renewal and reinstatement can be completed directly by members using Alinity’s online member services.

However, there will always be exceptions and on occasion administrators will find it necessary to complete a registration change manually, such as when the registrant is going on parental leave or returning from leave mid-year.

Manual Registration Changes

Alinity supports two methods of completing manual registration changes; individual registration changes and mass registration changes.

To complete an individual change, navigate to the personal details of the registrant whose registration you wish to change. Search for the person on the person screen and then click their summary card to take you to the details screen, then open the registrations tab in their profile. There you can click on the “more options” button, then click the change registration button to initiate the registration change.

Similarly, you can go to the registrations screen, run quick searches if needed, and then select multiple registrants or entire groups of registrants in order to perform multiple changes simultaneously. Regardless of whether you use the individual or mass registration change option, you’ll be brought to the registration change screen.

You’ll be required to identify the register you want to move the members to, as well as the reason for the registration change. When you’re ready, click the Save button.

If there are no requirements for the change (usually when members are being moved to an inactive register), the changes will execute automatically. If you have requirements for the registration change setup and you’re completing an individual change, you’ll immediately be taken to the change form to confirm the information required. To learn how to setup registration change requirements, watch the related video.

If you’re performing multiple registration changes simultaneously and you have requirements setup, you’ll find the change forms by clicking the chevron to the right of each entry in the list after saving the change, or by returning to the registrations page and looking under the Member tab for the Next to Act, then clicking on the change form link.

In either case, you’ll be taken to the change form. When the member has met the requirements, you can Approve the registration change.

Set a date for when the change should become effective, then confirm the reason for the change and click Save. Note that you will only be prompted for an effective date if there are registration change requirements set up. Otherwise, you’ll have to set the effective date in the personal details page of the registrant.

If there are no fees associated with the change, it will execute automatically. If there are fees involved, an invoice will be created that needs to be paid before the registration change will execute.

The vast majority of registration changes are handled automatically by the Alinity system, but built-in registration change functions help handle the inevitable exceptions while still enforcing your licensing standards.

Contact us today to learn more about Alinity’s registration change features, or to set up a free demonstration!