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Taking CIHI Snapshots with Alinity

For many regulatory authorities, the annual CIHI report can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

Unlike generic association management software, Alinity is specifically designed to address the unique needs of regulatory authorities, such as annual CIHI exports.

Typically, data must be captured, processed, submitted, and potentially cleaned and resubmitted multiple times.

But with Alinity’s optional Database Management module , CIHI exports are simplified and streamlined. You can easily schedule your annual snapshot, automatically validate data according to known standards, download CIHI-formatted records for delivery , and, if necessary, clean data and correct errors, all from within the Alinity system.

Taking the Database Snapshot for CIHI


Watch the video for a demonstration on how you can use Alinity to take a snapshot of your database at any time. In fact, it’s good practice to take your snapshot ahead of time so you can get your data as clean as possible prior to any deadlines. You may even want to take snapshots every quarter, as the more data maintenance you perform throughout the year, the less you’ll need to complete after your freeze date.

The CIHI export is found in the Database Management options tree in the side navigation bar.

Once there, you can see a list of any previous database snapshots you may have taken in the past. You can search for specific snapshots, but if this is your first CIHI snapshot with Alinity the list will be empty, so you’ll need to click the Add button.

The Snapshot > Create screen is where you fill in the details of the snapshot starting with the Snapshot type. CIHI snapshots are the only ones currently available, though Provincial Provider Registry snapshots are in development and custom snapshots can be created.

The CIHI file will require a name. Your implementation will automatically select a relevant name, but you can change it if you wish.

Next, set the queue date, sometimes known as the freeze date. For example, if your CIHI freeze date is August 31, you would set the date to August 31 and the queue time to 23:59.

You can also add a description that will appear on the snapshot details. When you’re ready, click Save and you’ll be taken to the snapshot details page.

Once the queue date and time have passed and the snapshot has been processed, you can start working with the data to get it ready for delivery.

For information on how to use Alinity to clear errors and prepare your data for CIHI reporting, check out the next  in this series.

And for more information on how Alinity can help your regulatory authority, or for a free demonstration, contact us at