Release Notes: August 2022

The August 2022 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on August 11th and Production environments on August 18th. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.

Microsoft Azure Rollout Status

If you have been following our monthly blog posts, you will have seen our announcements about migrating Alinity to a new hosting environment on Microsoft Azure in 2022.  As part of the migration we are updating many of Alinity’s core services to take advantage of new technology.  This process is moving along well but requires very thorough testing.  To be sure we allow enough time for testing, and given many of you are starting to prepare for your fall renewal period, we will defer the roll-out of this change to the first quarter of 2023.  This ensures that renewal periods occurring this fall will not be affected by the change to the new environment.

Even as we have prepare for the upgrade to Azure, we are continuing to improve Alinity with new features and bug fixes each month. This month’s release has some great additions and refinements we think you’re going to love.  Please check out the release notes below and be sure to ask our Help Desk if you have any questions.

But before that, a note about the part you can play to ensure your monthly upgrades roll out smoothly 🙂

Verification of the shared features of Alinity on each upgrade is taken care of by our development team. These are features appearing primarily in the Administrator Portal area of the system. Our team does not, however, verify the custom configured components on your Member Portal since requirements for these are often unique and cannot be addressed within the monthly upgrade period. Therefore, we recommend that you review and verify all member and public-facing features on your system before each upgrade. Please see our Verification Introduction article for further details and guides for testing.

Change List

This list is incomplete, please check back shortly.

Change Type Applies To
***************New Feature***************
Email Merge Updates Feature Update Correspondence
For over a year most email sent through Alinity has used a new method for merging and sending, and new templates could not be created for the old style. The system provided templates were all updated as well as the custom templates. Starting with this release Alinity will attempt to block any new email messages created using the older style of email and the modules used to send them are being removed. We believe all templates have been upgraded and no emails have been sent using the old technique for at least a year however if you copy or try to resend a very old email you could encounter an issue. If you run into any issues with templates or emails you still have in use please feel free to contact the help desk to get assistance in transitioning the problem record to the new system.
Audit Auto Approval by Reviewer Feature Update Correspondence
Audits can now be auto-approved by reviewer recommendations. Admins can now grant a new permission, Audit Reviewer (Auto Approve), to designate reviewers as auto approval enabled. The new grant will be used in combination with a new field, Applies to auto approve, on Recommendations. If all reviewers of an audit have permission for auto approval and provide a recommendation that applies to auto approve the related audit is approved with the last reviewer submission.
“Admin-Only” flag for Competence Types Feature Update Competence
Competence Types can now be flagged as requiring admin permission to add to member’s learning forms. If one or more type is flagged as admin-only, a new bulk action will be shown on the Competence search page to allow you to add an activity to multiple members at once. If you wish to use this feature please contact the help desk as your learning plan form may need updates to accomodate this feature.
***************End of New Feature***************
***************Feature Update***************
***************End of Feature Update***************
***************Bug Fix***************
Requirement Dates Time Zone Fix Bug Fix Member Portal
On the member portal in certain instances the list of requirements shown could have their dates appear to be one day in the past from what was set in the system. All the data for the records are correct but the system was applying the configured time zone shift to the value a second time before display which caused it to appear incorrect for some records.
Go to Invoice Button Bug Fix Accounting
For certain payment records, typically PAP payments recorded before renewal, the “Go to Invoice” button would show on the payment details but would break when clicking it. For these types of payments the invoice isn’t created until a later date. The detail screen will now only show this button when the invoice is available.
Ballot Image Upload Preview Bug Fix Elections
When uploading an image for a ballot choice on an election, the preview of the image would show at full size which could exceed the bounds of the page for larger images. The preview is now properly limited to the max size of the upload window.
ComplaintNo Sorting Bug Fix Conduct
The sort option on the Complaint search page has been updated to better handle alpha-numeric values in ComplaintNo values. If the ComplaintNo starts with a letter and then a number the sorting will now properly sort alphabetically and then numerically, and vice-versa as the situation requires.
Task and Pending Payment Widget Extra Sort Buttons Bug Fix Admin Portal
When using the refresh buttons on these widgets they would create another set of the sort icons in the grid headers, this has been corrected so they no longer appear.
Quick-add supervisors from form not confirming account Bug Fix Forms
When using the “quick-add” functionality to add a supervisor into the system from a form, the account created would not be activated right away causing them to not appear in the reviewers list if they needed to be assigned. This has been corrected for new accounts going forward.
***************End of Bug Fix***************

Next release

The September 2022 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites September 15th.