Release Notes: July 2022

The July 2022 release of Alinity was deployed to Test environments on July 14th and Production environments on July 21st. A summary of the changes included in this release appear below.

Microsoft Azure Rollout Status

If you have been following our monthly blog posts, you will have seen our announcements about migrating Alinity to a new hosting environment on Microsoft Azure in 2022.  As part of the migration we are updating many of Alinity’s core services to take advantage of new technology.  This process is moving along well but requires very thorough testing.  To be sure we allow enough time for testing, and given many of you are starting to prepare for your fall renewal period, we will defer the roll-out of this change to the first quarter of 2023.  This ensures that renewal periods occurring this fall will not be affected by the change to the new environment.

Even as we have prepare for the upgrade to Azure, we are continuing to improve Alinity with new features and bug fixes each month. This month’s release has some great additions and refinements we think you’re going to love.  Please check out the release notes below and be sure to ask our Help Desk if you have any questions.

But before that, a note about the part you can play to ensure your monthly upgrades roll out smoothly 🙂

Verification of the shared features of Alinity on each upgrade is taken care of by our development team. These are features appearing primarily in the Administrator Portal area of the system. Our team does not, however, verify the custom configured components on your Member Portal since requirements for these are often unique and cannot be addressed within the monthly upgrade period. Therefore, we recommend that you review and verify all member and public-facing features on your system before each upgrade. Please see our Verification Introduction article for further details and guides for testing.

Change List

This list is incomplete, please check back shortly.

Change Type Applies To
***************New Feature***************
Email Carbon Copy New Feature Correspondence
When drafting an email you can now select one or more people in the system, or enter an external email address, to be copied when the email is sent. Each email that is sent in this process will then also CC the addresses that were specified. This update uses the standard email CC feature which requests that the email server send out identical copies to anyone on the CC list and it will also be visible to the original recipient/member who the email was sent to. 
GL Transaction New Feature Batch Update
A new batch action has been added to the GL Transaction search screen. This action allows you to batch update transaction GL Account codes and is used to fix incorrect codes saved to GL Transactions. The action will update the Debit/Credit GL Accounts of selected transactions that match a specified account code with a selected code.
***************End of New Feature***************
Mass Email Timing Constraint Feature Update Correspondence
A new business rule has been added to ensure that any emails sent to 2,500 users or more, and which contain at least one merge field, must be scheduled to be sent outside of regular business hours (6am to 5pm). If an email meets this criteria than the system will prompt you to enter a scheduled date/time for the email if one has not been specified outside of the aforementioned hour range.  Please note that this is a temporary restriction that will be lifted when new technology is implemented to better isolate impacts between systems of resource intensive processes over the next year.
***************Feature Update***************
Group Multiple Document Upload Feature Update Admin
The person group feature has been updated so that uploading documents can be done in bulk. When you go to upload documents to a group you will now be able to select one or more files in the dialog that is opened. In this way you will be able to upload an entire folder of documents at a time instead of having to upload one file at a time.
Other Configuration Feature Update System Administration
This feature has been updated to clarify what the current value of any given setting is as well as to remove the option to enter values for different languages on settings that don’t support this option.
***************End of Feature Update***************
***************Bug Fix***************
Disallow recursive parent orgs Bug Fix Organizations
A new business rule has been created to make sure that when you are adding or updating a parent organization reference to a child organization that it will not loop back on itself.
Hide future generated audits Bug Fix Audits
Audits that you have created for members in advance of an audit being open no longer appear on member’s dashboards until the audit is open.
***************End of Bug Fix***************

Next release

The August 2022 release of Alinity is scheduled for deployment to production sites August 18th.