Latest Updates – New Payment Queries and Multi-Select Defaults

This week’s updates:

  • New payment queries
  • Multi-select defaults
  • Administrator announcements
  • Faster approval of renewals
  • Improved Public Directory enhancements
  • Performance and security updates
  • Bug fixes

The latest version of Alinity is continually being improved, with new updates released regularly. Performance and security updates are included in virtually every release, alongside new features to help improve member experience, administrative efficiency and streamline workflows. Here are a few of the most significant changes implemented in our latest release.

New payment queries

Accounting is an essential part of many regulatory workflows, and it’s important that staff be able to locate the payment information they need quickly and efficiently. With this latest update, Alinity now offers a more comprehensive set of queries for the payment screen. In addition, we’ve added a feature to save a personal default query which runs automatically when you first arrive at the Payment screen.  And while we were tinkering, we made some performance enhancements to the payments screen as well to make it faster and more responsive.

Multi-select defaults

The latest version of Alinity has always been able to lift information from past forms and use it to populate new forms with default values, but it was previously limited to single response style questions only. With the newest update, Alinity can now carry-forward defaults from multi-select lists, such as preference groups; so during renewal, when members have identified multiple preferences in a previous year, that information can be automatically populated into the new renewal form for a faster, smoother member experience.

Administrator and member announcements

Administrators can add announcements for both the membership and internal staff. The Announcements utility can create beautiful announcements with Alinity’s rich-text formatting and offers a range of options for each, such as whether to alert users about the announcement when they log in, effective and expiry dates to set windows for when the announcements appear, and the ability to link out to websites for additional information.

Faster renewals

This member facing improvement has dramatically improved the speed of some automatically approved renewals, eliminating timeout errors some members faced in the past if they had a slow connection.

Public Directory improvements

Not every update shows up on the screen. In fact, we make a lot of improvements behind the scenes too. Take your Public Directory, for example; with this latest update, we’ve dramatically improved how easily grid-style directories can be changed. Now some customizations that used to take hours can be completed in a quarter of the time, making it faster (and cheaper!) to get your directory looking exactly how you want it.

Performance and security updates

In addition to the performance improvements for the payments screen and public directory enhancements we’ve already mentioned, this week’s updates also include performance improvements on both the email and registrations screens. We’ve also cleaned up the dashboard with a few visual refinements to make it even prettier.

Bug fixes

New features and performance improvements aren’t the only thing we’ve been working on. We’ve included a couple of bug fixes too!

First, if you’re a client with a large membership base, you may have noticed mass emails going to more than 10,000 recipients were timing out. That error has now been corrected, so feel free to email away as much as you want!

Secondly, we’ve corrected a situation where members who were changing from a register that needed a Continuing Education plan to a register without that same requirement were still being prompted to meet CE requirements. We’ve resolved this issue by automatically withdrawing the active plan, thus avoiding members seeing non-compliance errors when moving to a non-practicing status.

Coming Soon

Integrated correspondence has been a huge hit in the new Alinity, and we’re working to make it better. We’ll be improving email searching, making it faster and more flexible, and providing new sorting options. We’ll provide more information when it becomes available, so keep an eye on our announcements!

Noticed a new feature that we haven’t mentioned here? Don’t worry! There are many improvements included in every update package, though many are subtle and sometimes not even noticeable. We’ve compiled the ones we think are the most important to our clients, but this is hardly a comprehensive list of every improvement. If you’d like more information about any of the updates, or would like to make a suggestion, don’t hesitate to contact us!