Multilingual Services

As an association management software solution built specifically for regulatory authorities, Alinity is dedicated to meeting the needs of Colleges and professional associations across the country. For some regulatory authorities, one of those needs is to provide services in multiple languages.

In Alinity, the ability to offer services in multiple languages is built directly into the base product.Registrant’s culture and preferred language is part of their user profile, meaning it is embedded into every aspect of the user’s experience.

To demonstrate, let’s take a look at an example. This registrant’s profile has English set as their preferred language.Their entire dashboard and all their services are offered in the language of their choice. But because culture is a part of each user’s individual profile, another user with a different language selection in their profile can login and will be presented with all the same options and information in their selected language.

Buttons, documents, invoices and forms all conform to the language specification in each user’s profile, and because the language preference is part of the user profile, Alinity can pre-select preferred communication choices.

Validation, error, and basic messages are provided in the base product, although form translations and custom messages will need to be provided during implementation.

When the renewal or other transaction is complete, the form, invoice, and other important documents are saved in the language they were created in.

By including a registrant’s culture selection as part of their user profile, regulatory authorities can deliver essential services to their membership, helping to improve each user’s experience.

For more information about Alinity’s multilingual services options or to arrange a free demonstration, contact us!