Making Your Regulatory Body a Leader to Members

A regulatory body, while keeping the public protected and enforcing government policies, should not be only responsible for keeping members compliant but for also providing leadership. Leadership doesn’t just mean that the members need to listen and follow the rules of the College because they have to; it means a regulatory body should strive to be a useful resource for members to go to when they need clarification on various aspects of their profession. This could include new regulations, new courses, conferences, news, a modern website or app, and many more below. A regulatory body needs to lead in order to keep making change for the better in the industry they regulate.

First Impressions

Leadership starts right from the application process. Make the applicants feel welcome and not like another number in a database. Students, domestic, and international applicants need to see from the beginning that their regulatory body is a place they can find support. A College can accomplish this by making sure they demonstrate that they want to make their applicants’ lives to be easier and more knowledgeable. This includes online applications, the ability to upload documents online (scanned images, PDF, etc.), clear cut communication of requirements, and even something as simple as being available on mobile devices. When registrants enjoy or feel good about applying somewhere, they will have a positive attitude towards the College and will look forward to interact with it and use it for information.

Another way to keep a good impression on the applicant is to send them a pleasant follow-up email after they have been approved; informing them about what the College has to offer as a resource, and that you’ll be there for them throughout their whole regulated career.

The Digital Advantage

What I’m about to say is for the laggards out there…It’s 2015! What are you still using paper for?! Save the trees and save your staff time by not making them manually input each and every piece of data of a registrant. Technology makes a big difference, it’s worth it to upgrade.

With online applications, not only will you save time because data will instantly be saved in your database upon submission, you will also become available to accept applications at anytime in every timezone with an Internet connection. It pretty much keeps your regulatory body open for many more hours but costs less. Now applicants with some spare minutes on their hands, maybe while on far away vacation, can apply or update their membership profile. An easy to use, online application will attract applicants to look at your website again for future purposes.

An online profile that is effortlessly accessible by the member to view and update, helps give members an incentive to regularly manage it. Functions a profile should provide are the ability to upload documents, read emails, upload transcripts, employment history, and much more. Why do so many people have social media? It’s not because keeping a profile is hard to use, it’s because it’s fun and easy to update it. Make your association management software the same way so that members won’t feel like using it is a chore.

Many people compare modern methods to how annoying previous ones were, and when you use advanced methods, such as an online application, or making it easy to update a profile from a phone or tablet anytime and anywhere, members will be drawn to you.


Providing the most accurate and latest information to registrants in a timely manner will keep them actively using the College’s website, application, reading emails, and following social media (if applicable). Becoming a resource may require more effort, but you’ll be engaged with your members, which in turn is going to help your College with making a change in the industry.

What is your passion? Have you ever found one or two websites that you kept bookmarked just because their information helped you learn about it? You want to provide your members with any recently updated Health Acts, Continuing Competence, regulations, etc. Your College or Association website should also provide members with how they can safely and effectively run their practice. There is always a demand for useful information.

Leadership in the Long Run

A regulated body is there to enforce the laws and regulations of a regulated industry to protect the public. Enforcing helps, but guiding members through the use of leadership will help shape the industry into a better one. It will help members get on board, become more willing to learn about their industry, and more importantly, interact with it to do better.

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