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Make Your Life Easier: Recycle Email Content

Communicating through email, as we all know, is fast and effective. Creating emails, however, can be a pain! We often write the same things over and over, and just update a few things here and there to communicate a new message. Why keep starting emails from scratch when it can be easier? If you’ve created an email template that you really love, you should recycle it for future use. This method is a lot more efficient.

Why You Shouldn’t Copy And Paste

You can speed things up a bit by copying and pasting the body of an old email into a new email, however, editing the dates, names, and associations mentioned could lead to possible human error if one is left unchanged. Sending an email to someone with the wrong people and company names can look unprofessional and lazy.

Thumbs Up for Templates

Whether it’s for personal emails, emails between staff, members, merges, or a marketing campaign, once you’ve created a template, make sure to save it and reuse it later. Having templates ready to go will save you a bunch of time, especially if the email isn’t too complex. It may limit the creative layout of your emails, but this doesn’t mean you can’t always have more than one template.

Whenever creating or experimenting with a new template, save it! Keep saving your templates. Go back and forth, and rotate your templates in your emails. Your emails will still have quality, but your time will consistently be saved. You’ll just have to fill in the spaces you left to be personalized to recipients. Make sure the templates view properly in all email clients and on mobile. Keep your templates accessible to your colleagues. Save time for the whole association!

A great way to build your template library, if you don’t already have one started, is to think of all the emails you send out multiple times throughout the week, month, or year. Some of these emails could include:

  • Continuing Competence Audit notification to the selected people
  • Completion of Audit notification
  • Renewal Period start date notification
  • Reminder notification when it’s close to end date
  • and much more, it’s all up to you!

Templates on Alinity

Alinity provides staff with an email template creator that can create custom email templates complete with rich text, imagery, and even merge fields.

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