Document Management

Many regulatory authorities and professional colleges need to keep detailed records of their registrants’ education, competence credentials, proof of insurance, identification and other documents. Even in this day and age of internet connected computers and smartphones the reality is that many regulatory authorities still depend on physical filing systems. And even if they have moved on to electronic copies, documents are usually spread throughout so many different systems doing so many different things that it becomes nearly impossible to keep track of everything. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your registrants’ documents could be kept in one place, under one roof, and always organized and easy to find?


All your registrants’ documents, all in one place.

Alinity’s Document Management module is making that happen. Part of the base Alinity product and included in every implementation of the Alinity Association Management Software solution, Document Management allows registrants to upload virtually any kind of required documentation to their personal profile. Education transcripts, Criminal Record Checks, Insurance certificates, even identification documents and imagery, all are stored in each registrant’s secure online profile, which means no more filing or jumping through different programs to find the documents you need; it’s all right there, along with the document type, date and time it was uploaded, who uploaded it, and what other records it may be associated with. And if registrants still send documents directly to you, staff can still upload them directly into the registrant’s profile as well. Registrants will see any documents they upload, as well as any you choose to share with them, and document sharing restrictions can be configured to your organization’s standards. This way, documents associated with complaint cases can be automatically restricted to only the relevant users, for example.

The new document management module doesn’t just help streamline regulator workflows and improving user experience for both staff and membership alike. Going paperless is also better for the environment, and because all Alinity data is stored on two separate Canadian servers with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backups of each, your registrants’ data is safe and secure.

Document management has proven to be a fundamental requirement for regulatory authorities in the latest version of Alinity, and so we include it in every implementation. To learn more about this important new Alinity module, or to set up a demonstration, send an email to, and thanks for watching!