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Online Applications

Our online application forms are responsive and include conditional logic so that only relevant sections are shown to specific registrants.

Automated Renewals

We allow you to largely automate the renewal process while flagging registrants for review based on your criteria.

Continuing Competence

Integrate continuing competence activities into your renewal process and even include self-assessments.

Streamlined Audits

Conduct any audit types you require, assign reviewers, and track audit completion all at the click of a button.

Email Management

Send automated, manual and bulk emails to your registrants with merge field functionality.

Complaint Management

Everything you need to effectively manage your complaints including an online intake form.

Exams & Self Assessments

Configure online or offline exams as well as self-assessments to aid your registrants learning goals.

Document Management

Documents are attached to the registrant profiles for easy access and searching.


Invoicing, payments, bank reconciliation and direct refunds all in one place.

Automatic & Manual Data Exports

Easily send data to governing bodies including CIHI reporting.

Verification Of Registration

Use our merge functionality to generate personalized certificates for your members and send to other regulators.

Employer Management

Register clinics and other organizations and allow them to verify registrants and even pay for their registration in bulk.

Task Management

Create and link tasks. Subscribe to task queues for streamlined delegation.

Group Management

Place your users in groups either manually or through automation for different purposes such as mailing or board management.

Public Directory

Customize the appearance of your directory and pull the data live from Alinity.


Create your election and invite your registrants to participate and vote in your elections right from the Administrator portal.

Cloud Based & Secure

Hosted in Canada
2FA Login
PCI Compliant

Continuous Innovation

The Alinity software is continuously updated to provide you with the most innovative features.


Ask our Canadian helpdesk anything and we are here to help you.

Audit Trails

Keep track of who has viewed or made edits to specific records.

Access Control

Manage who on your team can access specific elements of Alinity.

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Alinity is cloud based and responsively designed to be accessible on all devices for both regulatory administrators and members including:

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Our step-by-step approach to seamlessly integrate Alinity into your regulatory processes


Feature Selection

We work with you to determine which features you will need to accomplish your goals.



We configure each of your desired features to follow your unique workflows and processes.



We customize your features where necessary to provide you and your registrants with the optimal experience.


Training & Support

We provide you with live training on each of your features and ongoing support once your system is active.

What to expect with Alinity


With our team, you will find honesty and trust. We have your best interests in mind and our recommendations to you will reflect that.


We strive to continuously evolve our meaningful and unique software solution to help drive your organization into the future.

Customer Centricity

Our great customers are what allow us to operate. We do our best to provide exceptional and timely customer support.


We understand that you are in a professional industry and we reflect that professionalism with the solutions we provide.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping regulators improve their workflows and efficiency by providing tailored software solutions that improve services and conserve resources.

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Online Applications

Applicant Experience

The online applications feature allows your registrants to fill in applications directly from their online portal. With Alinity you can define multiple processes as required to match various applicant streams you support. Examples include but are not limited to provincial graduates, out of province transfers and international applicants.

The application forms are dynamic and are not necessarily a 1 to 1 replacement for your existing pdf forms due to the available features in the Alinity forms. For example, certain sections of the forms can expand and collapse depending on the actions the applicant takes.

Attachments are included directly in the forms and text fields will dynamically appear depending on whether the applicant clicks yes or no to a declaration to prompt them for further detail on the reason they clicked yes.

The applicant is able to submit their form all on their own. Depending on your processes, they may need to pay an invoice right away. For example, an admin fee or an application fee. Later when their application is approved, they may also need to pay an invoice for a registration fee depending on your configuration.

Administrator Experience

Submitted applications are automatically held for administrative review. As an administrator, you can easily see new applications that have come in on your dashboard. As you complete your review you can leave comments directly in the section of the application you are referencing to eliminate redundant email communications and any possible confusion.

When the application is approved, the applicant will be notified and if necessary, a fee will be paid prior to the applicant becoming registered. A tremendous amount of time can be saved via the online applications feature if you have a high volume of applicants each year.

Automated Renewals

As an administrator, you set the dates of your renewal period as well as when the late fee begins.

Once you open up renewal for the year, you can monitor renewals that need your attention from your dashboard. Many of your registrants may have their renewals automatically approved if they have met all the requirements and have not entered anything that would flag them for administrative review.

What flags a registrant for administrative review? This is up to you but here are a few common examples:
– Clicking yes and adding an explanation in a declaration
– Changing employers
– Changing their name

As an administrator, you can see the volume of renewals that require administrator review from your dashboard and you can also view reports on your renewal statistics for the year. You can easily send out reminders to people who have not completed their renewal.

Continuing Competence

Alinity supports Objective (Reflection) Based learning models, Credit (Hours) Based learning models as well as mixed models. It is most common that the learning plans be tied into the renewal process, but this is not a requirement.

For example, you could have your registrants complete renewal every year, but also have them on a 3-year learning cycle what they continuously update over time via their profiles. Depending on your configuration, they could upload proof of their learning such as receipts, certificates etc. or keep those at home in case they are selected for a continuing competence audit.

Streamlined Audits

The audits feature allows you to randomly select a group of your registrants either from your entire data base or from a more targeted list based on your criteria. For example, you may with to exclude people from the random selection who were audited last year.

The audits feature is configured to suit your needs and processes. Common audits include continuing competence, criminal record checks as well as site inspections for corporations, but this list is not exhaustive of the types of audits that are possible for you.

Your audit process may involve an audit committee as well as specified audit reviewers. Alinity supports this while protecting the anonymity of the registrant who is being audited from the reviewer.

From your Administrator portal you can review audit statistics, manage audit statuses, and run reports as needed.

Email Management

Email management is built in with every Alinity implementation and has a robust set of features to allow for scheduling, tracking and long-term storage. The email service is integrated into many other elements of the system including registrations, accounting and complaints.

Email Features

– Templates with responsive merge fields for personalization

– Email triggers to automatically send emails based on certain actions

– Tracking opens and confirmations

– Scheduling emails

– Saving sent emails as pdfs for long-term searching and storage

– CASL Compliance

Complaint Management

The complaints feature helps handle complaints made to your authority about registrants.

It integrates with Document Management to support a full case file, including participation from external reviewers and investigators to track correspondence, interview notes, and other relevant documentation.

The feature is also integrated with email management to take advantage of standard templates for notification of complainants, registrants, and standard correspondence throughout pre-defined processes. The pre-defined processes are configured when you setup the feature to allow you to repeat a standard process for each type of complaint you receive.

The impact of case decisions on licensing, such as restricting practice, revoking a license, preventing renewal without review, re-enabling renewal after expiry of restrictions, and so forth, is fully integrated with the Registrations feature to eliminate the need for double entry.

A complaint intake form can be made available on your public website so that when a complaint is submitted, the complaint case is automatically generated and populated inside Alinity.

Exams and Self-Assessments

Alinity supports the creation, scheduling and tracking of exams. You can easily create your own online exams to keep your registrants’ skills sharp with continued learning or for jurisprudence requirements. You are also able to book offline exam offerings and import exams results to the registrant profiles.

Self-Assessments can be made available on the registrant portal to guide registrants as they select their learning goals for the following year.  

Document Management

Documents can be uploaded into the secure, encrypted Alinity database both through administrator screens and through registrant service forms such as applications, renewals and Continuing Competence profiles. Administrators can upload any standard file type of ad hoc documents such as letters and interview notes.

When documents are uploaded, they appear in a repository for the registrant they are associated with. An easy interface allows the same document to be associated with multiple contexts. For example, suppose a marks-transcript was uploaded as part of an application process; that same document may become relevant to an extended practice application at some point the next year and can be associated with both application forms without requiring copying.

The system automatically categorizes documents based on what they have been associated with so that folder structures are consistent from one registrant record to the next. Extensive sorting and searching tools are also included, including full-text searching. Full-text searching enables you to find documents by searching for specific words or phrases in their content. Similar word forms are automatically interpreted equivalently; “ran,” “running” and “run” are all treated the same for search purposes.

Registrants see documents they uploaded as well as documents you choose to share with them on the portal. For administrative users, documents can be restricted from view according to criteria you setup. For example, if you want to restrict documents associated with complaint cases to a specific set of users, the documents can be automatically restricted when they are linked to a case. More granular case-by-case restrictions are also possible.


The accounting feature enables the automatic application of invoices based on system criteria. For instance, upon approval of an application, an invoice can be generated automatically, and the applicant notified of the pending payment. Additionally, you have the flexibility to generate ad hoc invoices as needed. Late fees can automatically kick in at a pre-set time and you can also future date planned price increases.

Enhanced tools have been incorporated to facilitate the reconciliation of deposit amounts with bank statements. Now, payments entered on different days but deposited together can be linked to a single deposit date. Additionally, you can mark amounts as reconciled, reducing the number of transactions requiring review upon the availability of the next statement.

The system automatically organizes payment transactions into virtual batches, which can be sorted by deposit account, entry date, deposit date, payment type, entry form (renewal, application, etc.), entry person, or any combination of these parameters.

A dedicated view is provided for individuals with an accounting background to map registration types and other chargeable items to General Ledger (GL) accounts. This mapping process can be completed either independently or with assistance from our Help Desk in collaboration with your accountant during setup. This feature simplifies the accounting setup and facilitates the establishment of exports to GL programs. You and your bookkeeper can easily adjust mappings, rerun exports, and scrutinize exported transactions in a spreadsheet before finalizing the pass-through to your GL software.

Automatic & Manual Data Exports

There are many options in the system to sort and filter your data. Once you have list of data that you would like to export, Alinity has a streamlined option to select which columns you would like to include in your export and you can export to Excel, CSV or XML Document.

Pre-defined sets of data can be configured to automatically export to 3rd parties such as the provincial government. For example, everyday an automatic export is sent at midnight of your registrant count.

CIHI Snapshots are also widely used with Alinity. The CIHI Snapshot feature allows you to create a snapshot of your data at a specific time and Alinity will catch any errors before you send your file to CIHI. This way you can proactively clean up your data.

Verification of Registration

With Alinity, your Verification of Registration (VOR) forms can become highly automated. 

We work with you to determine your requirements and configure your form so that the appropriate information is populated from the registrant profiles. 

The process could be as simple as the registrant requesting a VOR form and making the payment on their portal. Then, Alinity will pull all of the relevant fields into the VOR form for your review and editing before sending it off.

Employer Management

Alinity allows you to create organizations and mark them as employers. With this feature, you can easily see who employs each registrant. 

This feature also allows you to provide the employer with a login so that they can view their Employer Directory and verify the registrants who claim that they work for them.

Alinity also supports bulk payment from employers.

Task Management

The Task Management feature allows you to create tasks for yourself and others on your team and link to tasks to different parts of your system. For example, you could like a task to a complaint, renewal form, audit and more.

You can also create task ques to help your teams manage and delegate tasks. For example, you may have a “Finance Team” task queue that the finance team subscribes to. Any task assigned to that que will notify the finance team. The system also supports automatic tasks such as disk space warnings and other system related reminders.

Group Management

The Group Management feature empowers you to oversee collections of individuals, serving various purposes. An essential function of the group feature is the creation of mailing lists for members who should receive specific information or updates from you.

Within this system, both static or standard groups and smart groups are accommodated. A standard group is manually initiated and updated by you as necessary. On the other hand, a smart group operates based on system criteria, enabling automatic additions and removals of members. For instance, a smart group could include all active members, streamlining the process of sending targeted emails without constant manual updates.

The versatility of the Group Management system extends beyond member-oriented groups, such as boards. Within a group, you can allocate roles, upload and organize documents, and specify permissions.

Moreover, groups can be configured as optional and accessible on member portals. For instance, a volunteer committee might be a group that members can willingly join. Conversely, administrative groups like “All Active Members” may remain for internal purposes and not appear on member profiles.

Public Directory

The public directory is included with all Alinity implementations to display your registrants on your website as required. The look and feel of your directory is something that we work with you to design.

Once configured, you have control over the information that you wish to display on your public directory including complaints information, conditions on practice, specializations and license history. Any changes you make will appear instantly on your public directory.


The elections feature allows you to run elections directly in the Alinity platform.

You can create elections, including generating ballots according to registrants’ electoral zones, online voting, anonymously tallying the results, recording and distributing the outcome, among other features.

Cloud Based & Secure

The Alinity platform is entirely cloud based and be easily accessed by administrators and registrants online from any device. The platform is responsively designed to work on desktop, tablet and mobile phones. 

Your data is backed up frequently and 2 Factor Authentication is included for members and administrators.

The system is also PCI compliant to handle online payments.

Forever Current

Alinity is continuously updated to roll out new features, feature updates and bug fixes. We take customer feedback seriously and when a new idea is brought forward, we do our best to analyze it quickly and from there either roll it into the general product if it is widely applicable or if it is very specific to an individual regulator, we may explore a customization instead.


Training for your team is provided all along the way during your Alinity implementation project. 

But what happens next? You continue to have ongoing access to our helpdesk and knowledge base of helpful articles and videos.

If you have an issue with your system, need to update something for next year’s renewal, want to explore an additional feature or just simply have a question, our support team is here for you. All of the Alinity staff are based in Canada.

Audit Trails

There are multiple forms of Audit Trails in the Alinity system to help you track who has been viewing and making changes to various records.

There is an icon called the Audit Shield. Anytime you see this icon, you can click on it to see who has made a change to that record.

Additionally, you can go to a record to see which Administrators have viewed that record or go the other way around and go to an Administrator’s account to look at their personal audit trail of all records they have viewed.

Access Control

You have detailed control over what your administrators can access. In each profile, you can toggle on/off certain areas of your system. For example, one administrator could manage email and accounting and another could manage email and audits. They both have access to email but the other areas are separate.

The access that an administrator has can easily be changed as necessary. When bringing on a new employee, you can also mirror the access of someone else on your team when initially setting them up to save you time.