6 Things Our Support Desk Wants You To Know

Our support desk at Alinity/Permitsy regularly has a very busy day, as it probably is in any software company. Each day we have a standup meeting to discuss the progress of tickets that clients send in that specify requests, errors, and questions. We want to make sure all our regulatory bodies are getting their solutions thoroughly and timely. I thought I’d interview our support desk team and find out some things they wish our clients knew! They came up with the six things below…enjoy!

1. Expand!

If an error occurs while you are using our software and an error window pops up, click “Show Details”. This might help you narrow down what is going wrong, and it if doesn’t, you can tell us what it says by taking a screenshot or copying and pasting the text when reaching us for assistance. This will help us find and solve the problem quicker.

2. Interac has been implemented!

Before there was Interac, the only payment options were Visa and Mastercard. We implemented Interac in the summer of 2014. We realized that many of our clients had members that wanted to pay for registrations and order items from their bank accounts rather than from credit cards. Interac provides members with the ability to pay directly from RBC, BMO, and various other institutions. Clients should implement Interac because it makes paying for registrations easier for their members and Interac is also a well-established, trusted, and secure company. It should be noted that Alinity does not handle members’ bank or credit card information. It is communicated directly with Moneris/Beanstream and Interact. We also never store personal banking or credit card data in our database. We only store the data that lets us know you paid. 

3. Control your own renewal dates!

Clients can upgrade to set their renewal opening and closing dates on their own. Currently, the majority of our clients provide new dates to us in their renewal prep, we confirm it with them, pair to update the dates, and then get it approved. With so much required communication, it takes a couple of hours to implement. Clients have the ability to set their own dates, and have precise control over the dates, as well as the ability to update them immediately, anytime, anywhere, for any reason. This would save them some headache and lag time.

You can request this feature by contacting the support desk by emailing support@alinityapp.com.

5. Tell us what you are looking for!

We understand that you want your user interface to flow as fluidly as possible. Sometimes you might think of something you feel will really help improve it. Instead of telling us what you want to see on the software, tell us what you want the end result to be and we’ll come up with the best solution. It’s like the metaphor of somebody asking a hardware store employee for a 2-inch drill bit; they should really be asking “what’s the best way I can make a 2-inch hole?”

Also, if you tend to run into an error repetitively, please ask us to fix it!

5. Nothing is too little to be fixed!

If something isn’t working for you or needs to be changed, even if it’s an extremely tiny issue, let us know ASAP! It doesn’t take much time and we’d love to help or give you a new solution that will be more convenient for you! Remember, we’re here to solve problem, no matter the size.

6. We might have a written solution for you!

Our Freshdesk features our write-ups as solutions and is a great place for you to search for your error or question because it may have an easy solution that you can implement yourself. This page features explanations of Payment Batches, Renewals, and much more. In order to access the Freshdesk you must log in, but for non-clients, attached below is a preview of what you’d see right after logging in. For Alinity clients that haven’t utilized this page yet, click here and start now! You can use your e-mail to login, but if it has been forgotten, feel free to email us or give us a call!

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions regarding the above suggestions or just haven’t used our support desk yet and would like to, please email support@alinityapp.com! They’ll gladly answer any questions, concerns, and requests!

If you would like to also check out our glossary explaining terms commonly used by our support desk, click here! You can also find a general technical glossary by clicking here. Take care!