Refunding Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Payments

Pre-authorized debit, or PAD subscriptions, allow members to pay their annual renewal fees in advance with equal monthly installments rather than a single lump-sum payment. PAD payments accumulate throughout the year until the next time renewal comes around, at which point all those payments are applied to the newest renewal. This way, members can pay only a small portion of their fees throughout the year, helping them carry potentially significant costs across the year.

However, on occasion, you may have members withdraw from your PAD program. When this happens, you’ll need to refund any payments that may have already been processed.

Manual Registration Changes

Fortunately, refunding PAD payments in the latest version of Alinity is easy, though you will need the Accounting Administrator permissions.

After logging in, expand the Accounting options tree, then select Payments. On the payments page, you’ll see a list of the most recent payment transactions processed by your system. From this page you can drill down into each of the payments to see their detailed information and conduct other actions like cancelling, refunding, or unapplying the individual payment.

We don’t need to go any further than this though, so if you have other payment or accounting related questions, watch the related video or contact the Softworks support desk.

To refund PAD payments for a member who is exiting the program, search for payments according to the member’s name or registration number. You’ll get a list of all of that member’s payments. Normally payments are applied to an invoice but because PAD payments are earmarked for a renewal that hasn’t happened yet, they remain unapplied so you can skip that step.

Now select all the payments associated with the member by clicking the master checkbox. With the payments selected, choose the Refund option from the master action dropdown. You’ll be taken to the Payment > Refund page. You can see how many refunds are going to be processed. You’ll also be required to provide both a Reason for the refund, as well as an additional Explanation.

Then it’s just a simple matter of clicking the refund button. You’ll be returned to the Payment details screen. And if you dig deeper into each of the payments, you’ll see they’ve all been marked as refunded.

Pre-Authorized Debits are a great way of letting your registrants spread their renewal payments across the year, but when they withdraw from the pre-authorized program for any reason, it’s important to be able to find and refund those payments quickly and easily. For more information about Alinity’s Pre-Authorized Debit features, or to arrange a free demonstration, contact us at