Profile Update Basics

Profile updates are an essential workflow for every regulatory authority, allowing members to update important information like contact information, name changes, and employment. Profile updates are typically available to members throughout the year, allowing them to update their information as it changes. However, they are also often a necessary first-step in the annual renewal process, helping regulators ensure their member information is as current as possible.

Profile Update Basics

Regardless of whether your members update their information throughout the year or when they renew, the process is the mostly the same. Members log-in using the email address and password combination on file with your organization and using the device of their choice.

If the member is renewing, they select their renewal option and will be automatically taken to the profile update step of the renewal process and will see the profile update form.

If they’re updating their information outside the renewal window, they can just click the Profile Update tab.

Regardless of the method, they’ll be taken to the Profile Update form.

The video above features a standard profile update form but remember that the language used and information captured can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

The member just scrolls to the information they’d like to update and makes the change. They can also upload or take a photo of any supporting documentation that may be required. Alinity automatically validates every form and will identify missing required information. Business rules can be configured to control which updates are automatically approved by the system and which ones are sent for administrative review.

Alinity can be configured to block auto-approval on name changes, though the form will still be successfully submitted, at which point the member will have done everything they can at that point, so you’ll need to transition to the Administrative perspective.

When you’re logged in to the Administrators’ portal, you can find profile updates under the Profile Update tab. There are multiple views of Profile Updates available to administrators, categorized by who is next to act in the workflow sequence.

For example, all the Profile Updates waiting for Administrators are under the Admin section, while all the profile updates where members are the next to act are under the Registrant section.

You can run queries against your profile updates, pin and unpin specific records, and search for specific profile updates.

When you find the one you want, just click the chevron to the right of it.

You’ll be taken to the profile update form where you can review and, if necessary, provide feedback for the member. You can use the dialogue boxes to give feedback on specific fields, or you can the text field at the bottom of the form to provide general feedback.

The registrant will be notified by email that their profile has been returned for changes, and they can just log in and return to the profile update form to make the appropriate corrections. They’ll be directed to those changes at the top of the form.

This feedback loop continues until you’re satisfied, at which point you can approve or decline the update.

Once approved, the new information becomes active on the member’s profile, though the audit trail of changes is maintained. You can also return to the document at any time to view it.

Profile updates are a basic but necessary part of every regulatory authority’s online member services, and they need to be understandable and quickly processed for both members and administrators.

For more information about Alinity’s profile update functions, or if you have additional questions or concerns not covered here, send us an email or request a demonstration to learn more.