It’s The Time of Responsive Design

Adaptive vs. Responsive Web Design

There are two types of web designs out there: adaptive and responsive.

First off, what is adaptive and responsive design? Well, adaptive design is what you don’t want your website to be. It’s the type of web design that is set for one type of resolution, most times a computer or laptop screen, and does not adjust to any device. It’s likely you’ve been on a website on your smart phone and had to use your fingers to zoom in and pan around in order to click a link on the menu. Annoying right?!

Statistics show that “48% of email is now opened on a mobile device” and that “Mobile email will account for 15 to 70% of email opens.” These stats are both from 2015.

The truth is there are WAY too many devices to keep using adaptive design these days. People get impatient, annoyed, and turned off by this type of design. The way to go is the responsive route. A responsive design responds to the device it is being viewed on, hence its name.

Why You Need To Be Responsive

Responsive design can be viewed on a laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc. and it will re-adjust for best usability! Responsive design automatically makes the menu easier to read and select links by making the buttons finger-friendly (compared to accidentally clicking three links at once because links become so tiny with adaptive design). If you’re reading this from you’re phone, it should fit your screen perfectly.

Some companies that use adaptive websites and find it too expensive to fully redesign into a responsive design have a secondary mobile-friendly website. No, this is not a responsive website. It is basically a copy of the original website but with a different domain (something like and probably less useful and informative than the real website, since they had to make all the content smaller and the layout easier to navigate.

License Management and Responsive Design

Alinity uses responsive design because we want our clients and their members to be able to access the application on any device of their choice. This helps members with mobile document management, complete their online renewal, or pay fees as soon as they see the reminder email, which they’ll statistically most likely open on their smart phone. Why wait to get home and onto your computer when you can do it as soon as you are reminded too? Alinity lets you maintain professional standards while on the go!