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Alinity Has a New Look!

Alinity has a new look!

In fact, all of Softworks does. It’s been a while since we updated our branding, and thought it was time to bring everything together under one roof. And with the impending launch of Alinity Version 6, it seemed like the perfect time.

The Same Best Practices Software, But a Brand New Look.

softworks-primaryThere’s a lot that’s familiar about our new looks; we kept the distinctive “S” shape inside our corporate logo reinforcing how we stand out among best-practice software providers. But we’ve changed from the sharp red colouration to an eye-catching blue to provide a forward-thinking, technological feel that reflects our dedication to advanced technology and modern ideas. Finally, a gentle gradient adds the same refinement that we put on every implementation of either of our best-practices products.

synoptec-stylizedFor Synoptec, you’ll notice that we’ve applied a new colour scheme as well. The green and blue combination has been replaced with a two-tone blue colour combination, and we gave it a bit of shading to make it pop. We also made a few minor touch-ups to the “shoulders” of our iconic doctor/patient connection. You may not even notice it, but that’s okay; tweaking away the few minor imperfections of our previous logo is just one more example of our attention to detail.

alinity stylized logoLike Alinity Version 6, the new Alinity logo is familiar but new. The bright orange of our previous Alinity logo, while eye-catching, didn’t properly reflect the the Softworks brand. That’s why we kept the recognizable shape symbolic of connecting people, but replaced the bright orange with a deeper blue. Like our other new¬†logos, the Alinity V6 logo also uses a gentle gradient to add a bit of flair while further bringing it under the new Softworks style.

Of course, there’s more to a rebranding than just a paint job for our website; we’ve got a host of refined logos for media of all kinds, from our website to our premium content to our social media. Over the coming days, you’ll see the new look for Softworks, Alinity and Synoptec everywhere we are. Keep an eye out, and let us know what you think of the new look!