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4 Reasons You Should Keep Your Browser Up To Date

Bananas…browsers…basically the same thing. Right? You might not think so and maybe they are not literally the same thing, but they have one thing in common: DON’T let them get outdated. Rotten bananas are nasty and old browsers are annoying because they make you have a user experience that isn’t the greatest.

With a product such as Alinity, that is cloud-based and relies on a browser to run, it’s best to keep your browser up-to-date in order to have any application run the way it’s supposed to.

Updating your browser has tonnes of other benefits, while not updating it only has one: keeping the familiar. Here is a list of four reasons you need keep your browser up to date:

1. Security

The most important reason to stay up-to-date is security. It’s also a very easy way to stay secure because updating a browser is literally just the click of a button. The newest version of browsers have improved security from previous versions to protect you from viruses, scams, spyware, trojans, and many more security threats. Don’t be vulnerable! Update your browser.

2. Multiplatform only use new versions of browsers

Responsive programs, such as Alinity, that are designed to work on multiple platforms, like iPads and smartphones, need to run on the latest versions of browsers to keep their display the way it was meant to be on a web browser. Older versions might not support the HTML or CSS of these applications and might show you a page with missing elements or missing/unorganized links.

3. Speed & Performance

Newer browsers are faster. Why wouldn’t you want your online experience to be at it’s maximum speed? Remember back in the first few years that the Internet was a new thing and you used Internet Explorer or Netscape and every now and then you’d get the “Internet Explorer has stopped working” message because of some websites just beingtoo much for your browser? Browsers keep updating to process web coding better, even with a slower Internet connection, to minimize that issue.


4. Capabilities

New browsers also allow you to do much more online with customizable add-ons, themes, and social media plugins. You can also improve productivity with tabs, extensions, and various notifications settings. If there were any previous bugs in older versions, they’ve likely been fixed and improved.

Keep your browsers up-to-date, it’s as easy as that. Each browser has different pros and cons, but whichever one you choose, the newest version is always the best. For any questions or comments, please leave in the section below!